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For 'Indie' Authors Only Your Quick Guide In Promoting Your Books

  • By John Cunningham
  • Published 07/12/2012
  • Writing

“Indie” authors like you know that the journey to success has only begun with the completion of writing your book. Your success depends on well your book will sell to your target audience. A big part of this, in turn, relies heavily on how well you are going to promote your stuff. Here is your quick guide. The Challenges First, you have to accept that several challenges await you in promoting your book. As an independent author and publisher, you have the sole marketing responsibility, and this is never easy. This is especially true with first-time writers and publishers. But challenges are part of your journey towards your goals of successes. Instead of looking at them as roadblock, learn from them and use what you have learned to better your craft. The internet has all resources you need to help you overcome the challenges of being an independent author self-publishing your books. How to Promote It is also on the web where you will find profitable avenues to promote your book. Here are simple methods:

– Your website or blogsite – As an indie author, you will find that you need a strong internet presence to reach your target market. Internet marketing is one of the best methods that will allow you to enjoy profitable results. It enables you to cut on marketing cost while increasing your book sales. Through your website or blogsite, you are giving your target audience an avenue to get to

know you and your stuff more. Most times, readers buy books when they feel they can connect with the author. – Website dedicated to “indie author” promotions – If you want to speed up results, you would gain much from using a website that is dedicated to promoting Indie writers and their works, digital and physical books. Such website implements effective methods and techniques to capture the interest and eventually the support of the audience so they will buy Indie books. Among these strategies are the following: sending out newsletters to subscribers, enabling free Kindle and Nook downloads, establishing social media presence. The goal is to increase exposure of the authors and their books and the awareness and interest of the public to the same. – Social media – Creating Facebook and Google Plus pages as well as a Twitter account will help you bring your work to the awareness and recognition of your target audience. These social networking sites have their throngs of users, and it is for you to take advantage of their built-in population. Make your page interesting to gain connections. Post relevant, exciting, and useful updates that will arouse curiosity and stimulate social network users to get to know you and read your stuff.

These are just three of the proven methods you can promote yourself and your works as an independent author. The internet is kind and generous to self-starters like you. All you need is to use your creativity and find the right resources and will surely get the better of whatever challenges usually met by indie authors.



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