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For Storage Containers Pods Can Simplify Your Move

Moving can be both exciting and stressful – particularly if you’re relocating out of the area. Having to pack up furniture and all of your belonging can seem like an insurmountable task. Of course, traditional moving companies are one option. Yet, they are expensive, and we’ve all heard the stories of items disappearing in transit. One alternative that is gaining in popularity is the use of mobile storage containers.

Individuals, families, and businesses alike are choosing to use mobile storage containers for their move because they are more convenient, less expensive, and provide much more flexibility than traditional moving van service. Because of their increasing popularity, there are new providers of portable storage units launching their businesses all of the time. However, they are not all created equal, and it does pay to shop around before choosing one for your move.

First, before you select any provider of Long Beach storage containers, you should first find out if they are licensed, insured, and bonded under the California Public Utilities Commission. Next, you will want to make sure that the containers are water-tight to minimize any chance of damage to your furniture or other items. In Long Beach portable storage units are available in a variety of sizes and price points depending on your specific needs.

If you have been considering portable storage pods for an upcoming move, take the time to compare a few options in terms of price, availability, and terms. Estimate what size of storage containers pods you may need ahead of making your inquiries to get the most accurate quotes.

Storage containers pods are also frequently used by families that are having construction done on a home or who are waiting to move into a new house.  Portable storage pods are ideal for holding belongings until construction is completed. Some providers offer both long and short term storage pods.

If you’re pondering the possibility of portable storage containers for your next move, check out your local options including 123 Moving and Storage. With the right provider, you will dramatically decrease the stress of your move and save yourself money in the process. And, because you always know where your container is, you do not have to worry about your valuable possessions “getting lost” along the way to your new home.


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