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ForestChoice Notebook Environmentally Friendly Hardcover Notebook


ForestChoice Notebook Cover with Label

The ForestChoice Notebook with hardcover is an environmentally friendly option for a notebook that comes with some pretty solid and standard features.  The folks you might be familiar with from Palomino are responsible for the ForestChoice Notebook brand, so you know it should be a good quality product.


ForestChoice Notebook Back Cover

As you can see from the back cover of the ForrestChoice Notebook, the 160 pages of ruled , acid-free, 90 GSM paper is FCS certified.  Put simply the FCS certification means that the paper was sourced from responsibly managed forests.  Here you can also see the elastic closure band and how it is attached inside the notebook cover.


Forest Choice Notebook Inside Back Pocket

Like most popular notebooks of this size and format, the ForestChoice Notebook has a back pocket that is about the size of the cover itself.  Upon inspecting the cover and the back pocket it became apparent that this notebook was very well constructed.  All of the edges where the glue and the seams come together look clean and tight with no bulging or gaps.


ForestChoice Notebook Writing Samples

We put a few different pen and ink types to test on the ForrestChoice Notebook 90 GSM paper to see just how well it handled them.  As you can see from the photo we tested fountain pens, gel ink pens, ball point pens, a pencil, and even a highlighter.  One pen that is missing from the photo above is the Noodler’s Ahab Flex fountain pen that we also tested on here.  The paper itself is a slight cream color and the ruling is gray.

ForestChoice Notebook Writing Sample.

ForestChoice Notebook Writing Sample

The writing sample above shows all of the different pens, pencils, and inks that we tested on the paper.  One thing to note is that the very last line that says “Office Ma Liquid Highlighter” was actually highlighted but it doesn’t show up in the scan.  You can however see the highlighter marks in the photo above this scan.  All of the pens and inks laid down very nicely on this paper with no feathering or odd behavior whatsoever.  There is one splotch of ink above in the scan but that was just because of sloppy pen handling on my part.

In terms of show through on the other side of the paper, its an interesting situation.  The show through is just enough that if that kind of thing normally bothers you, you probably won’t like it.  It is however faint enough that I couldn’t get it to come up when I scanned the back of the paper.  Overall the ForestChoice Notebook is a really good notebook for writing with just about any kind of pen, but if you are prone to disliking any kind of show through you might want to avoid this one.  Check it out for yourself here on Amazon though because as far as environmentally friendly notebooks go its a pretty good option.

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