Forex Raptor: Your Automated Forex Trading Solution


Authored by Kumara Velu in Forex Trading 
Published on 04-19-2009

Are you looking for an automated forex trading program with an option to do your trading manually? If you’re new to forex trading software, you’ll also be wondering whether the software would be any good and whether it would be easy to learn.

A forex trading program you ought to consider is Forex Raptor. It’s a program that a newbie to forex trading could easily master, and at the same time it serves the needs of professional traders. If you have a working knowledge of forex trading, you could make around 200 to 300 pips per week and generate a part-time income of up to $3000 with the help of Forex Raptor.

Users claim that they never had a losing month since using the software. Of course the software alone does not generate profits for you. You need discipline and the consistency of following the trading system to make the software work for you. Sometimes human error could cause losses for you in the forex market. Also the forex trading market runs for 24 hours a day. You can’t be staying awake monitoring it round the clock. Forex Raptor allows you to overcome the problem with its automated system using the MetaTrader (MT4).platform. This means the program will run even if you are sleeping or gardening, or away from your computer.

With the automated system, you will have the ability to run multiple trading systems and cut down on your overall portfolio’s volatility.

Still, you should not put all your eggs in a single basket. If you have some hard cash to start off with, you should not fully entrust it to Forex Raptor. To minimize the risk of loss, you should allocate not more than 10% of your cash to trading using Forex Raptor. You will still have at least 90 % of your cash intact should you incur trading losses. Say you have about a thousand dollars to start off with. You should create a mini account and risk not more than $100 on the system.

Entry and Exit Rules

With Forex Raptor, there will be no confusion about entry and exit rules. Raptor will detect the entry signal and open the trade and when it detects the exit signal, it closes the trade thus allowing you to make an easy profit.

With the software you will learn to enter markets just before the upcoming big rise and make reasonable profits. The software will help you curb losses that results from price swings which is a common feature of the forex market. Also, with Forex Raptor you will not have to study complicated charts to make trading decisions

All you need to get started with Forex Raptor is a PC or Mac and a broadband Internet connection.

Forex Raptor is priced at $97. You can try it for 8 weeks and should it not perform to your satisfaction, you’re entitled to a full refund.

Visit www.forexraptor.com for ordering details.


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