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Fountain Pen Reviews


Today we have a review (and giveaway) of the TWSBI 540 Demonstrator fountain pen.  Previously we reviewed the TWSBI 530 fountain pen, and this model has only very minor differences, but one is actually major in the impact it has on the pen. … [Read more…]


One minor thing I don’t like when it comes to filling my fountain pen is how the nib and section always have to get ink on them, so I decided to try a different method for filling recently.  I am willing to bet that there are some issues with filling a fountain pen this way, but so far none have been apparent to me, but for those of you out there that know better than I do, let me know your thoughts.  Am I missing something that could be bad for the pen or … [Read more…]


Our friends over at Goldspot Luxury Gifts sent us this loaner Edison Collier Fountain Pen in the Silver Marble pattern, with Steel Broad Nib.  There are also other colors available as well as multiple nib sizes in both a steel and 14k gold, so head on over there and check them out…AFTER you read the review that is.  Also as a side note for full disclosure, as I said, this pen is a loaner, so I’ll reluctantly pack it up and send it back to Goldspot, … [Read more…]


The nice folks over at JetPens sent me over the series of Pilot Petit pens recently and I was initially a bit slow in trying them out but I’m glad I finally did so.  I’ve used the fountain pen version before, but the other two were new to me for this review. … [Read more…]


I’ve had my eye on a few different tactical pens for a while, and they are all very interesting but with quite a few differences between the features they offer.  Recently I came across this Schrade Tactical Fountain Pen, and it was the first tactical fountain pen I had ever seen, so I immediately contacted the manufacturer and they sent me this sample model to review free of charge, so a big thanks to the folks at Taylor Brands for making this review … [Read more…]


My first hands on experience with the Visconti Michelangelo was at the National Stationery Show in NYC earlier this year, and just seeing it person instantly made me want to buy one for myself.  I was able to try out an Extra Fine version of the nib at the show, so once I got home, I jumped on my computer and checked out the Goldspot pens site to see how much the pen might set me back…minus a nice bloggers discount (thats for you FTC) to make the … [Read more…]


    Earlier this year when I went to the Philadelphia Pen Show, I was lucky enough to stop by the Richard Binder table to drop off some of my pens to have him adjust the nibs for me.  One of the pens I left with him was my stainless steel Lamy Studio which I love, but I’ve always wished the Studio EF nibs were a bit more fine. … [Read more…]


  My good friends from Jetpens.com sent over this great little Kaweco Sport Classic Fountain Pen that I’ve actually had my eye on for a while, but had kind of forgotten about.  Normally I wouldn’t share a picture of just a box, but I really like the color combo here as well as the design and font, just a very “charming” looking box if you ask me….and I really don’t use that word very often. … [Read more…]


    The Ohto Rook Fountain Pen caught my attention the other day while I was going through the familiar routine of filling up my cart over at JetPens.  The black and red contrasting colors and the unique compact design had me clicking that add button without even really thinking about the fact that I didn’t actually need a new fountain pen. … [Read more…]


    The Twsbi 530 Demonstrator fountain pen is a very interesting product, as it was designed with significant input from the online fountain pen community over at The Fountain Pen Network.  All of the features, colors, and design elements were intended to appease the experienced fountain pen user, while also coming in at a price that was lower than some of the more “high end” pens out there.   … [Read more…]


I just noticed these Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pens at JetPens when adding stuff to my cart for my last order.  I figured that for $20 they looked like a great deal and I should give one a try.  After placing my order I was a little concerned that maybe I was just a little drawn in by the shiny finish, but I figured I wouldn’t worry about it and I’d just have to wait to get my shipment to get a closer look.  The Plaisir was also designed for those that … [Read more…]


For quite some time I’ve been holding off on trying the incredibly popular Lamy 2000 fountain pen in hopes that I could find the limited edition version that is all stainless steel.  In my pursuit of that pen, I happened to read a great write-up on Brassing Adds Character on some of the additional details regarding the standard version of the Lamy 2000.  After leaving a comment there regarding my search for the special edition version, I struck up a … [Read more…]


We all know that Noodler’s makes a bunch of great quality fountain pen ink, so when I saw that they were now also making their own brand of fountain pens too, I just had to get my hands on one to test out.  I found this Noodler’s Aerometric version of their fountain pen over at JetPens for a reasonable $24.  The version we will be looking at here today is the mottled green ebonite body with a fine medium nib. … [Read more…]


When I buy a “nice” pen, I usually like to try something new, but in the case of the Lamy Studio, I liked the first one that I bought so much, that I decided I wanted a second one.  The only thing I didn’t love about my old Lamy Studio was the fact that the grip section was a shiny chrome finish, which was sometimes a little slippery to hold onto, but this Stainless Steel Lamy Studio has a black plastic coated section that I’ve been eying for a while … [Read more…]


The Monteverde Invincia Stealth Fountain Pen immediately caught my attention the first time I saw it because of my penchant for nicely designed all black items, be it a car, a watch, or a pen.  I stumbled upon this by accident when I was chatting with the fine folks at @yafapen on Twitter who represent Monteverde in the United States.  I immediately went to my “go to” place for pens, Goldspot and spoke with Tom about the Invincia line.  Tom explained that … [Read more…]


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