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Fountain PensWhy Writing With a Fountain Pen is a Smart Choice

  • By Terence Legaleto
  • Published 06/21/2011
  • Writing

Writing with a fountain pen may appear, to many younger people, to be a very old fashioned way of writing. However there are some very sound reasons why you should consider writing with a fountain pen for the first time of if you are a little more mature why you might want to revisit your school days.There are three main reasons why I suggest that you revisit writing with a fountain pen rather than a ball point or rollerball and they are- 1. It is physically easier on your arm and wrist if you write a lot. The reason for this is simple-writing with a fountain pen allows you to write with your hand gliding across the paper and no need for downward pressure. On the other hand, using a ball point pen for example forces you to press down which can take a toll if you write a lot, particularly in exams where you may be writing intensively to strict time schedules. 2. Fountain pen use and collecting is a popular and growing hobby across the world and there are many forums for fountain pen lovers who share tips on their favourite fountain pens, collecting pens, changing nibs and many other issues like repairing pens and maintaining them.

3. The historical role that fountain pens has played down through history before and after the Second World War for example means that the study of fountain pen manufacturers a

nd brands provides a great potted history of our planet. Many of the pen companies played a vital role both before the Second World War and after (for example Pelikan in Germany) and if you follow the history of the pen manufacturer you will find that it is closely related to major events fo our time and previous times. Collecting Fountain Pens Collecting fountain pens is a fun pastime and need not be too expensive notwithstanding the cost of new pens from leading brands such as Pelikan, Sheaffer, Omas, Mont Blanc, Sailor and others. Hunting down and purchasing a great condition second hand fountain pen can be a lot of fun and you can build a nice collection quickly at a reasonable price. Writing With a Fountain pen Writing with a fountain pen ensures that your writing, even under time pressure, stands up very well because it is physically easier to do so with your hand flowing across the paper and maintaining a good, legible script is much easier. Fountain Pen Inks and Nibs Then there is the whole area of nibs and inks which is another days work but needless to say that the range of inks and nibs available allows for great personalization of your writing with nibs like italic, broad, stub, fine and an enormous range of ink colors to choose from.

One of my favourite fountain pens is the Lamy fountain pen and it provides a great range of inexpensive pens for all tastes with beautiful Bauhaus design.



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