Four Alternatives to Liposuction

Liposuction is a form of surgery that enhances the body’s contour by sucking out the fat between skin and muscle tissue. It is a simple procedure performed by a steel tube (called a “cannula”), attached to a powerful suction tank that serves as the controlling force of the entire procedure, removing unwanted fat, and reshaping the body’s physique. The tube is inserted into the fatty areas, the machine turned on, and presto, a thinner you!

Some may call it an easy solution, but research of liposuction and the ill effects it can inflict on the body, does not take long to reveal that it is neither easy nor a solution. Common, minor complications range from unsightly skin depressions and bruising to fainting and rapid heart rate. More rare conditions can include excessive blood loss, hypothermia, blood clots, infection, and even damage to the abdomen.

Healthier alternatives exist in reshaping body contour. They might not always work as quickly, but they are definitely worth consideration. This article will examine several of these alternatives.


Shapewear is one alternative that simply requires the user to wear shapewear garments, which are similar to post-surgical compression garments. The effects of shapewear do not match in intensity those of liposuction, but studies show the garments have been known to reduce bulging, and to produce slimming effects on hips, waist, and thighs (Shapewear.com).


Smartlipo is a procedure conducted by laser that literally melts away fat from excess areas on the body. The FDA approved it in November 2006 after first catching on in Europe. Most popular body regions for procedure: hips, thighs, buttocks, back, and abdominal areas. This procedure is only for those in decent physical condition, who are within 20-25 pounds of their ideal weight (SheKnows.com).


Lipodissolve is an injection-based alternative to liposuction, which involves enzymes and medications injected directly into areas of the body that contain unwanted fat. Once the chemicals are in the body, they work to dissolve fatty tissue, which is passed out through the patient’s urine. This alternative offers a faster recovery time than most, and is preferred by most patients, particularly through the chin and neck areas (DocShop.com).

The Best

The alternatives presented to liposuction within this article are just a few examples of the lengths to which people will go to get rid of unsightly fat. One trait they all share in common: they are all useless if not accompanied by attention to diet and exercise. In fact, the greatest health risk associated with any liposuction procedure or alternative is a person’s unwillingness to make positive lifestyle changes following the procedure.

Following this line of thought, the best alternative to liposuction is the natural one. A healthy, moderate diet and exercise is the best way to make the fat disappear. The body is, and always will be, a work in progress. Lack of use becomes a lack of results. And since it’s unavoidable with or without the procedure, why not make it your number one priority above all others?


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