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Four Popular Myths of BPM

Business process mapping is one of the fastest growing and popular markets today. Every planning and strategy implementation requires detailed or formal mapping. Mapping can be treated as blueprints for any business. In business process management, they are better addressed and most commonly known as Process maps. They help companies in analysing all the activities within the business process and also help in determining how they can relate with each other.

Several new technologies in the industry do suffer from a dearth of reliable and good information. It leads to confusions and misconceptions and business process management is absolutely not an exception here. Listed below are the top four myths.

Myth 1: BPM is merely a project that needs to be done for one-time

BPM is not about creating a blueprint for just one-time project and letting it come to an end after that. Process management is rather a discipline that should be revisited and deals with the measurement of process performance. It also deals with how one can improve and optimise business process on a constant basis. It is a cycle that focuses on stimulating, deploying, analysing and monitoring of processes.

Myth 2: BPM is only for business experts

Processes are deeply embedded in our lives but usually, businesses lack generating a clearer picture of what is being done and how it is supposed to be done. There are several reasons that can be held responsible for the same. First, it happens when one has no documented details or good level of information required to completely understand what is to be done. It is often addressed as explicit knowledge.

Myth 3: BPM is only about software, tools & technology

It is a myth that BPM is completely dependent on software tools. There are multiple basic mapping tools for business process management that are widely available. With its help, managers can make instant, informed and better decisions. A set of blueprints in the form of business process mapping act as reference sources giving businesses more visibility over their processes.

Myth 4: BPM is extremely expensive and can’t be utilised by all

If you have the right tools and knowledge then BPM is easy to use. BPM tools don’t require huge infrastructure investments for establishing good process management system. Mapping of a process requires support from operating people who directly work with the process and are well aware of the facts mentioned in the process. It is, therefore, important to ensure that the data in the map is valid.

BPM software is priced per company, per user and even per process. It is also possible to rent BPM software and save money invested in IT staff and maintenance. Use of BPM software and tools can be better understood by Business Process Management Training.

There are several essentials, which if handled well can ensure good process mapping. Relevant information must be supplied for the map along with which businesses should also understand reasons for mapping. It leads to an organised business process mapping that enhances business productivity in the long run.

Author Bio – Joe Evans is a well known internet marketing professional who has been serving clients globally by delivering efficient BPM services, software and tools. For more, visit www.primepmg.com.


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