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Free eCourses : An Easy And Low Cost Way To Make Money Online

  • By Diane Corriette
  • Published 03/26/2008
  • Article Writing

If you are looking for easy and low cost ways to make money online then ecourses are a straight forward approach to doing that. Everyone loves a free gift and if your eCourse includes affiliate links to relevant products you also have an opportunity to make an income too. This really is an easy and low cost way to make money online. Whatever niche you belong in one of the things you will be looking to do is build a list of people all looking for the product/service you provide but it is well known that not anyone will automatically buy from you as soon as they find your website. One of the best ways to help them get to know you is to offer something for free in exchange for their email and name. Many people opt for providing a free report but the only problem with that is once they receive the report they do not hear from you again – a much better alternative is a free eCourse. It provides an opportunity for you to write to your prospective client over a period of days, giving them time to learn from you and decide whether they want to take it one step further and become your customer.

Writing a free eCourse doesn’t have to be difficult either, each lesson can be the length

of an article around 250-300 words during which you provide them with valuable information that will help them in some way. When designing your free eCourse you need to decide how long you want it to run for, some people opt for sending one every day for 5 days and others opt to send one a week for a month – the choice is yours and will depend on the type of information you are sending. Some people opt to sell an affiliate product at the end of their lesson and this is a great way to make an income, especially if you do not have your own product. Sign up as an affiliate and then promote a relevant product that will help your subscriber by weaving it into your lesson for that day. You might also want to think about offering the product right at the very end as a gentle P.S. reminder to buy. If you are looking for a way to build a list for your online business consider free eCourses as the way to do it. Most of the work takes place at the beginning when you set up your free eCourse but once complete it is there forever. Then all you do is enjoy the income that comes from it.

eCourses are definitely one easy and low cost way to make money online that anyone can start – there are others that can really help to boost your income when combined together.



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