Free Games for Your iPod

iPod is one of the most famous gadgets among the techie-savvy people. It can store up to thousands of mp3 music files because of its large storage, as well as hundreds of video files. It’s like carrying your computer from your home and bringing it anywhere within your pocket.

Of course, there are also games. The iPod gives you the luxury of being able to play games while sitting somewhere outside while waiting for a date to arrive, or simply just to while the time away.

It’s fairly easy to download and synchronize music files for your iPod, as well as video. Is downloading games any easier for the iPod? The answer is yes, just as long as you know where to look for them.

Where You Can Download iPod Games

There are a lot of iPod games available for download in the Internet. Of course, the creators would want to get a bit of compensation for their efforts to come up with something for your enjoyment. Of course, if you want free games, then there are places where you can find too, only that it takes quite a while to find freebies compared to the ones that demand payment.

Here are some sites from which you can download free iPod games:

  • Cool Gorilla (www.coolgorilla.com): The site is maintained by developers who dub themselves primitive, and who has no other goal in life but to develop free mobile and iPod software for the price of just… bananas. They also have links for other websites that produce free software like they do.
  • iPod Arcade (www.ipodarcade.com): iPod Arcade has an intensive selection of iPod game downloads, and all of them are for free. It has all types of games from trivia games, to strategy. This is one of the perfect places for the free iPod game buffs out there. They even offer to let you create your own trivia-based iPod game!
  • Brother Soft: Brother Soft is a conglomerate of software downloads. It has a wide array of software, both paid and free, in its inventory. There are also free iPod games in there. All you need to do is search for them using the search utility that the website has.

Most Popular Games for the iPod

Like all things in this world, the iPod has its own topnotchers, including games. Here are some of the most popular games, the ones that has more downloads than the other games. These games are:

  • Tetris: The ever famous brick game. From the FamiCom consoles, to the Game Boy and, now, to the iPod! Nothing beats this game for its surprising challenge and simplicity. All you need to do is line up bricks and prevent them from reaching the top.
  • Zuma: Patterned after Tetris, in Zuma, you have to obliterate the balls by shooting one and have it line up with similarly-colored ones in the line. One ball is added after every second, pushing the balls closer to the “black hole.” Prevent this by clearing all the balls in the level.
  • Pac-man: This is one of the more famous Nintendo games during the 80’s. Eat up all the dots in the level while avoiding being caught by the rag-like enemies, which you can also eat if you devour any of the four power-ups within the stage.

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