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Free Making Money Ebooks Can Mint Money For You Here Is The Secret

  • By james Chambers
  • Published 05/21/2008
  • Writing for the Web

There are millions of people like you out there, who are desperately seeking a suitable way to earn a decent living through the Internet. Every day there are success stories as there are failures. Why can not everybody succeed, why are there failures? Is this because some people have better business sense than others; are more qualified, more determined, more committed? The answer is because they are looking at it from the wrong angle. The Secret Revealed Do not look for free making money e-books to read. Use them to make money yourself. Puzzled? The secret to earning a healthy and continuous residual income is not through downloading hundreds of e-books which tell you the secret to amassing millions. Rather it is in writing e-books through which you generate an unending flow of traffic to your website. How? Take a long look at your website and choose a topic that would attract the interest of people who could become your prospective customers. Say, if you have a website on psychic readings and mystic divination writing a book on “Zodiac sign – A Personal Sketch Of Yourself” or year. Would get people visiting your website. Once they do, you would be able to convert some percent to becoming your customers.

What if you do not have a website or a product? Would it be possible to still use

the e-books to build a good residual income? The answer is, yes. This is even easier than the previous method. Just as you are looking for free help, there are millions of others who do so too. Therefore, the market is excellent. In order to tap into its resources and generate income you would need to use the most popular marketing gimmick in the book. Entice your customer by offering a high-quality free gift with no strings attached. Write an excellent e-book on whatever topic you are an expert at. The information should be worth its weight in gold and offer this for free to anyone who is interested in it. Have tied up this free e-book another e-book which you mention plenty of times in the free book, which has a price tag. In seven cases out of ten, people who get the e-book buy the one recommended in it because they are completely won over by the quality of the gift. In this way you get the best returns from your marketing and advertising because people will always be attracted to anything offered free and thereby you can get excellent customers literally landing into your lap. This is indeed the result of better business sense, because in this case you have no website to maintain (or worry about), no other expenses only an excellent free e-book which hypnotizes people into buying your e-book.

You could write a few high quality e-books in this way and earn an excellent residual income for as long as you want.



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