Free Software Alternatives to Internet Explorer

It’s well known that the number one used browser in the world is Internet Explorer, which is essentially free since it is bundled with Microsoft Windows. There are many problems with this Internet web browser, however. Since Internet Explorer is the most widely used in the world, it is the most likely browser to be targeted by hackers, malware, and spyware. These malicious users know of security exploits in the browser that they manipulate to make your life miserable. The other problem is that Internet Explorer is slow to load, and there is less customization than free open source web browsers.

Here is a list of the best web browsers out there. The list is short, but that’s because you really don’t need to look elsewhere for a browser.

1. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is the second most used browser in the world and for good reason. It’s open source, has tons of addons, is more secure, faster and more reliable. Best of all, as you guessed it, it’s free. My favorite features are the side search bar that allows for quick searching of my favorite sites including Google, eBay, Yahoo, Wikipedia and more. It also has “addons” which are like widgets that make your browser experience more fun. Want to know the weather in your area? Grab a weather addon. Want to download YouTube video? Grab the DWhelper Addon.

2. Opera

Opera, which I use for the most secure web browsing, is my favorite choice, but not necessarily the best browser. It has less features than Firefox, and sometimes has bugs especially when dealing with Flash or Javascript, but overall the browsing experience is great. I love their landing page when you first open it; it brings up small screens of your favorite sites that you can go to quickly at a click of the button. It also has a quick search bar, and many great features. It is less popular than Firefox, but that can be a good thing especially when you have security and anonymity in mind.

3. Safari

This is Apple’s web browser and I will not go into too much depth here. It is better than Internet Explorer, but not as good as Opera or Firefox. Unless you are on a Mac, I recommend going with one of the others.

In conclusion, Firefox or Opera should be your first choice in Internet browsing, Safari a near second, and Internet Explorer should not be touched except in the most dire situations.


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