Free Video Converter That Handles Formats That You’ve Never Heard Of

Time was when only a limited number of video formats were available. Think of MPEG, AVI or MOV apart from some less popular ones like WMV and Real Video. However, the proliferation of mobile devices and the popularity of streaming video have given rise to the need to convert video to ever-increasing newer formats.

What is demanded of the modern-day video converter is not only the ability to convert video for viewing in the living room, but also for playback on the PC, over the Internet and also on mobile devices.

If you’re seeking a suitable software to take care of your video conversion needs, you should seek one that handles all the major popular formats and even the less popular ones, including proprietary formats. This is important so that you could avoid installing different programs for different video conversion needs and crowd your Program Files folder.

You may think such a software will cost you a bomb. The good news is you can have one at no cost. The said software is Quick Media Converter. This is clearly a software that gives the big boys a run for their money. It has won a five-star rating in most of the renowned software download sites.

This converter is a boon to the no-budget or low-budget enthusiast who undertakes digital video and audio projects. As one experienced user puts it, “It handles file formats I’ve never heard of before.”

The visual quality of the interface rivals that of paid software. The icons of popular video formats are laid out prominently on the interface for fast selection. It means that you have just got to select one of the icons to get started instead of using the drop down menu.

Among the popular formats listed in icon format for quick selection are QuickTime, Divx, VCD, Flash, DVD and PSP.

The first good visual impression created will spur you to explore the program further.

You will discover that Quick Media Converter handles such input as well as output formats as 3GP, FLV, AVI, MP4, H264, WMV and PSP among many others. There is also good audio support for popular and proprietary formats.

If you anticipate trouble using the software, don’t worry. The developer’s site provides useful video tutorials to give you a feel of using the software. Among the topics covered are conversion of FLV to QuickTime, FLV to iPod and even TS to DVD MPEG. More tutorials are available at the site’s help and support forum.

Quick Media converter does a little more than your usual video converters. One impressive feature is its ability to record Web Cam video which is then converted to AVI. You can even use the built-in SWF producer which converts the file to streaming flash video that can be shared over the Internet.

All in all, you will have nothing to lose if you have Quick Media Converter installed in your computer. It will surely see to most of your video conversion needs without having to install additional programs.


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