Free Ways To Promote Your Website Online


Many sites that are aimed at providing information about a specific topic will have a directory. This lists all the sites that are relevant to the topic of the site. For example some content sites will feature a directory with sites relevant in its niche for those interested in developing a larger web presence. To get listed in the directory you usually have to email the site owner or webmaster and if they decide your site is relevant they will add it to their list. If the site is well run, the directory can be more up to date than the search engines and also quicker to add sites. Try and get your site listed in as many free web directories as you can (some paid directories are also worthwhile), don’t be afraid of being turned down, the key to promoting you site is to make it visible to as many people as possible.

Banner Exchanges

With banner exchanges you get your banner advertised at various sites in return for displaying banners of these other sites on your own. Ideally you should find one that allows you to choose a category for your exchange so your banner ad is placed on a site relevant to your own. You will have to supply your own banner which you can design yourself, pay someone to do it for you or there are a couple sites which allow you to design a banner online making use of their templates.

Newsgroups and Forums

Newsgroups and forums are a great way to connect with your target market, providing you obey the rules about spam. Never post an ad in a newsgroup or forum. However, in most newsgroups it is acceptable to place a link and a brief tag line about your site at the bottom of your message. So while you are discussing the various issues or answer questions about something that is relevant to your website, you can then include a signature link at the end of your message with your name and web address.

Web Rings

Web rings are lists of sites that have something in common with each other. There is virtually a ring for almost everything. If you join a web ring you will have to first be accepted and then place a navigation banner on your page which links to other sites in the ring.

Bum Marketing

This is another very effective way to market your website online. It’s a method of article marketing. You can submit articles which are relevant to the topic of your website to popular article directories such as Ezinearticles.com and Goarticles.com If you’re article targets long tail keywords that potential customers in your website niche will use, this can work very well. When an article gets accepted and is published on these sites, it tends to rank very well in the search engines as it inherits the authority of article sites, which are very established.


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