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Free with Your Journal Writing

  • By Michiel Van Kets
  • Published 11/1/2011
  • Writing

Not everyone writes in journals but for me my journal was a great source of release. A place where I could write down my thoughts and my feelings and keep track of what I had been doing. I did not start writing personal journals until I was 21 but I think if I had started at an early age I would have written myself some useful information and a better education on life. At school we had one year in our English class where we were required to write in a journal once a week. The journal was left in the classroom and it was later to be shared with others so this was a different format of journal writing in that we were given topics and asked to write our thoughts and questions about topics into the journal. Hearing others insights into all the particular topics was always a great experience. At the end of each journal class we were given a further 15 minute period to add to our journals on the topics discussed. At the end of that school year we were all given our journals back and I still now go back to that journal with fond memories of not only the school and my classmates but of that particular English teacher. As a student and as part of my education the journals provided me a great deal of insight into how others felt about things and the different thought processes people have on various topics. I think that many people would benefit in their education if they were required to follow a similar format to that as described above. I know it improved my educational experience and made me want to write journals for myself in later life.

My own personal journals are more discussions with mysel

f about daily or weekly events and feelings. When I write in my journal I give myself time and allow myself to focus on my thoughts and feelings for the events that I am writing about and I feel that being able to do this for myself reduced a lot of stress in my life as my thoughts were out and not bottled up inside me. Of course a journal cannot take away all the stresses of life but it is amazing how just writing the information down, at least for me improved the way I approached my challenges. I also feel that with the experience of writing in my journal it has made me a better thinker and able to express my thoughts and opinions in words much more clearly than I can ever articulate them verbally. This I believe has helped me in my career in many ways as I am a fast thinker at least when written documentation is required and I have a lot of experience that I have previously written about in my journal to fall back on. Each detail of what has gone on in my life and my thought processes with dealing with it gives me an insight into the things that go on around me daily. The experience for anyone who is considering writing in a journal should not be a task that must be completed or feel that way. Unless of course it is a task in that you are required to complete journal writing for education purposes at school. If you are in this position then try to turn the journal writing experience around to your own advantage and be creative with your thoughts.

When writing for yourself take the time to gather your thoughts and feelings and things you care about at that particular time and write them down. Journals can be incredibly relaxing and they give you the chance to analyze your own thoughts and feelings without any judgment from anyone but yourself.



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