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Freelance Online Writing Jobs: 2 Popular, Easy, GoodPaying Services You Can Offer Clients

  • By Yuwanda Black
  • Published 04/13/2011
  • Article Writing

Within the freelance online writing jobs sector, there are various types of services you can offer clients. Following are two of the most common, and what you can expect to charge for them. SEO Articles: These are simple web articles written using search engine optimization guidelines. If you have no idea what this is, Google the phrase “what is seo writing” and do some reading. While the language around this type of writing may sound like technical gobbledy gook, it’s really simple and straightforward once you get the hang of it. And, it pays relatively well compared to other types of freelance writing you may encounter. What You Can Expect to Earn as an SEO Copywriter: Anywhere from a low of $25 on up to $100 or more for articles in the 300-500 word range. Just writing a few of these per day will earn you a pretty nice living. I’ve written as many as 18 articles in one day — at $25/pop! While it took me about 15 hours (an average of $30/hour), the $450 invoice I sent off when I finished made it worthwhile. SEO Blog Posts: SEO blog posts are similar to SEO articles in that they both are written using SEO guidelines. The only difference is that blog posts are shorter than articles; they’re usually in the 50-300 word range.

FYI, the definition of what a blog post is varies from client to client. One may deem it any con

tent that is written to go onto their blog, no matter the length; another may say that because it’s “less than 400 words”, it’s a blog post. So be very sure that you — and your clients – are on the same page about what it is (and isn’t). What You Can Expect to Earn as an Blogger: Anywhere from a low of $10 on up to $50-75 or more for posts in the 250-350 word range. I’ve done as many as eight of these in about 3.5 hours at $30/per. $240 for less than 4 hours of work — I’ll take it! How to Decide Which Freelance Online Writing Jobs Services to Offer If you’re new to online writing, start only with services that you feel comfortable offering. For example, if you don’t a thing about social media beyond chatting with your friends on Facebook, then don’t offer that service. The reason I point this out is, using a service in your personal life is much different than what a business may hire you to do for them. They want an ROI (a return on their investment). So they’ll be using different metrics by which to judge how to hire you beyond, “do you know how to use Facebook.”

Freelance online writing jobs present a wealth of opportunity for new and experienced freelancers alike. And, you can make a very good living offering these services. Just be sure not to get in over your head (which is pretty easy to do). Be reliable. Price your services competitively. If you do these two things, you should have no problem growing this home-based business.


Yuwanda Black is the publisher of InkwellEditorial.com: The Authority Site on How to Start a Successful Freelance Writing Career. Learn how to set online freelance writing rates so you never risk under charging or over charging again. Good for setting freelance writing rates for blogging jobs, SEO article writing jobs, web content jobs and more.

by Yuwanda Black



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