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Freelance Writers: How to Find Time to Create Your Own Profitable Line of Ebooks to Sell

  • By Yuwanda Black
  • Published 03/12/2011
  • Fiction

If you’re a freelance writer, you know that between marketing for new jobs, handling existing writing jobs, taking care of back-end responsibilities like invoicing and updating your website, it can be downright impossible to find time to do anything else like finding time to write and sell your own ebooks. But, it can be done. And not only that, it should if you want to really secure your financial future as a writer. I can’t tell you how many times freelance writers have contacted me lamenting how they want to write an ebook, but just never seem to have time get started. Trust me, I know the feeling all too well. After years of tackling the “I don’t have time to write an ebook” blues, I finally did something about it. Following are two things I did that has me well on my way to accomplishing my goal of having 50 ebooks on Amazon by the end of this year (2011). Want to Write and Sell Ebooks Online? Create a Writing Schedule While this seems very basic, it can be so hard to stick to. But, I write into my week non-negotiable writing time. For me, this floats. One week, my writing time may be all day on Thursday. Another week, it may be 3 hours on Tuesday and 4 hours on Wednesday. As I try to finish 3 new ebooks per month, how many hours I schedule all depends on the topic I’m writing on.

My point in relaying this info is that if you want to create your own line of successful informational e-products, you’re going to have to pu

t yourself on a schedule to do it – and stick to it. This may mean getting up an hour or two earlier each day, working on the weekends and/or burning some midnight oil after you put the kiddies to be. If you want to be successful when you write and sell ebooks online, it’s imperative that you first produce the product, and this means creating a writing schedule and sticking to it. To Make Money Selling Ebooks Online, Create a Marketing Plan Writing an ebook is the easy part. The hard part is marketing it. A lot of ebook writers (and I so totally include myself in this) fall down on their sword here. Usually after I finish a title, I’m so tired of the subject matter that I let it sit on my hard drive for a couple of weeks before I even get around to creating a sales page for it. This used to be the way I operate. Nowadays, I create a marketing plan for every ebook I write. I have it down to a science where I can pretty accurately gauge the number of sales I can expect. Write and Sell Ebooks Online: Retire on Income from Your Own Information Products Empire The one thing I love about writing and selling ebooks online is that you can create as many as you want, and write about what you want. If you work hard and build up a library of 30, 40 or 50 or more products, it can provide some nice retirement income.

If Social Security is still around when you get ready to retire, great. If not, you won’t have to worry about money in your old age because you’ll have an evergreen source of income from ebooks you write and sell online.


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by Yuwanda Black



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