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Freelance Writing Jobs and Finding Your Way to Profits

  • By Andrew Morris
  • Published 03/24/2008
  • Article Writing

If you are looking to develop your passion for writing into a profession, then freelancing can be both profitable and rewarding. However, like any career entry there are some important steps to consider. As much as you would like, at the outset there is likely to be no demand for your work, primarily because you have yet to establish a name. Publishing an online web log or blog is an easy way to get started. There are many available free resources including Google’s excellent Blogger service. With your own blog, you will have a forum to demonstrate your capabilities by sending a single link to a prospective customer. Two entries each week is a good level of output. As an added bonus, if your work is of interest you main gain regular readers or search engine links. These readers can be turned into profits by inserting ads such as Google AdSense into the article text.

Another way to gain exposure is through free article directories. The best known sites are Ezine Articles and Article Marketer, with the added advantage that major search engines trust these services enough to deliver high rankings for your article keywords. In addition to free directories some services will pay a nominal fee for original submissions. But the mor

e realistic goal is increased exposure and back links to your blog or other web site. When it is time to focus more on income rather than exposure, take a look at contract job sites including WriterLance and iFreelance. You may find that you develop a long-term customer relationship from an assignment well-done. You level of service will be reflected in a customer rating for your profile, so the better you do, the more work you will get. One more online pursuit is forum participation. Find an appropriate forum (or two) related to either writers or your subject specialty. By posting intelligent comments followed by your signature, you will develop respect, and likely visitors to your blog or web site. Make sure to make your signature a little intriguing and include a hyperlink and full website address. And do not think that you need to limit yourself to one method of promotion at a time. The same article that you submit to a directory could also be your featured blog entry for the week.

Wrapping up, make sure to keep promoting your talents through the time-tested method, word of mouth. Carrying a stack of business cards is helpful. By letting all your friends and family know that you are a freelance writer, you never know when that conversation from Uncle Bernie will turn into a great new assignment.



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