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Frequent Tennis Questions

  • By Michael Lee
  • Published 07/20/2010
  • Article Writing

Should I book my tennis in advance? If you are looking to book a luxury tennis holiday at the Club please note that both the Tennis Academy and private tennis lessons are a real favourite sporting activity that are often fully booked several weeks in advance. Due to tennis being exceptionally popular in the summer and half term periods, we recommend that you book your in advance as far as possible. Avoid any disappointment by using our online booking system to include your tennis requirements with your holiday reservation. Using our system you are able to book numerous academy courses, tennis lessons and court hire to guarantee an excellent tennis break in Spain. Is there a dress code at the tennis centre? At the La Manga Resort centre there is no official strict dress code to abide by, however it is required that appropriate sportswear is worn with flat soled tennis shoes. These dress code requirements are for both the academy and court hire. Please note that swimwear is not permitted. What is the minimum level of tennis to play in a tournament of coaching? Whilst on your tennis holiday at La Manga Club you may wish to have individual coaching or even play in an organised tournament. For both coaching and tournaments you are not required to be an expert player as at the academy tuition is available for players of all levels. Those who wish to participate within a tournament in Spain are able to simply by being paired up with players of a similar level of ability and skill. I am an individual looking to play tennis, who can I play tennis with? If you have chosen a La Manga tennis holiday as an individual then do not worry. At La Manga Club a welcome day is held on Sundays for players to meet and greet with one another to give all players the chance to socialise in a relaxed atmosphere. The centre at the Club is one of the best places to meet people where during friendly matches and tournaments, players are usually mixed to add a depth of excitement but usually you will play partners of the same level and experience. Should I bring my own tennis equipment with me on holiday?

If you have personal tennis equipment you wish to use at La Manga then you are freely able to do so. If however you do not own or wish to travel with your tennis equipment then tennis racq

uets can be hired directly from the Pro Shop. balls are also available from the pro shop that can be purchased. What happens if I break my strings? If during your tennis break your racquet suffers from broken strings then you will be glad to know the Pro Shop are able to offer and provide you with an on the spot re-stringing service. Remember you can also hire equipment from the pro shop if required. When do I have to pay for the tennis activities? You do not have to pay the full amount at time of booking your holiday in Spain. We simply ask for a deposit to confirm your holiday reservation whilst the remaining amount will be invoiced and required 10 weeks prior to your departure dates to La Manga. Am I able to join a tennis academy or have lessons if I’ve never played before? If you have never played tennis and wish to learn from expert coaching tuition at La Manga Club then you are able to pre-book in advance to secure your place. La Manga Club features some of the largest outdoor facilities in Europe. With a total of 28 tennis courts in different surfaces, La Manga allows beginners through to experts the chance of professional tennis coaching and tuition. The tennis Academy is able to provide tuition facilities of the highest standard. The knowledge and insight of our dedicated professionals allows all participants to train and learn all aspects to tennis. If you enter the academy you will be assessed and split into similar level groups to ensure a great experience is found. Being an advanced tennis player, will I achieve much from the Tennis Academy? The Academy at the Club in Spain provides the more advanced players the opportunity to enter the Pro Academy. If you have your sights set on winning the Grand Slam then this option is perfect for you. Designed for players with an advanced standard, the pro academy is able to provide an intense 25 hour training programme improving tactically and physically but also with technical approach and mental strength to turn an important game around. Am I able to play tennis in the evening or at night?

If you are a keen player or do not wish to play in the warm sunshine, then you are perfectly able to enjoy tennis up until 9:00pm If you are a keen player or do not wish to play in the warm sunshine, then you are perfectly able to play at night. With most courts floodlit at La Manga, players are able to enjoy tennis up until 9:00pm throughout the year, whilst in July and August you can play until 10pm.



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