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Fresh Beautiful Japanese Fashion Style in Winter Days

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 12/18/2012

Winter Japanese clothes with small fresh style are the favorite style of many girls, the simple elegance mixes a little of fashion taste, to highlight the temperament. Wholesale Japanese fashion online shop koreanjapanclothing.com recommends for everyone jacket or sweater with a look at how to wear clothing with a small fresh style.

Loose style wholesale fashion slightly likes suits shape that very fashionable and handsome. Camel with ginger yellow, the color of the two is very popular in this year with a very harmonious and natural. Dark red tights and short skirts in contrast color looks good, some delicate beauty.

Super soft plush coat, this year, a sense of luxury Leather grass growing by everyone’s favorite furry feel with warm colors very cute, useful sweet taste. Inside the ride plush white dress with white tights, and does not want a sweet lady is immune.

Big jacket like the T-stage show, handsome style is showing Women’s valiant feeling. This red is not brilliant impressive, giving the feeling of fresh and seductive in a long paragraph sweater inside the ride accompanied by shorts, black tights, boots, dress very significant temperament.

Loose stripe long sweater loose striped sweater outside wear can be inside for matching, with the coat, the trench coat is very good. Like such a sweater does not pick the tall, tall, short, fat, thin can wear, very wild, very good-looking with short skirts or shorts below, worth having.

The suit collar double-breasted cape 2012 winter fashion coat, Japanese style beige most remarkable temperament, slightly bat style make you different. Beige little literary temperament, which take the white shirt, under wear pleated skirts with white tights, very sweet Japanese style, elegant atmosphere.

Bow long-sleeved shirt with a vest, skirts, very temperament mix of great art Fan Oh. When the cold weather outside take a coat perfect for the winter, temperament out and captured the hearts of one.

Wool sleeved windbreaker, Japanese style, fabric is thin, wear very thin, very elegant feel very distinctive, plush sleeve. Sweater inside the ride and long sections coupled with black stockings, high heels, if it is of super elegant and stylish temperament!

Grey tweed bat sleeve sweater, slightly some maturity wind, for office workers dressed in plaid wide leg pants with irregular sweater is very fashion sense. A little taste of style, there are some small literary sense.

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