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Friday Housekeeping Giveaways and Feedback

Recently I asked for some feedback on posting reviews about a wallet and a Samsung Gear Smart watch, and I got some great comments and emails expressing a variety of opinions.  I took all of the comments into account and they all had a big influence in my decision, which was not to follw any of them. 😀  I’ll have more news on that shortly so keep an eye out.

The next thing I wanted to address is this comment from one of our more frequent and helpful readers.  David left the above comment on the review of the Baron Fig Askew Notebook and for some reason I found it particularly funny so I decided to reward him for it.  I also decided that once a month I’ll do the same when I have left over unclaimed JetPens gift cards.  Now this isn’t a call for people posting inane, stupid or non-relevant comments.  Its a way to hopefully encourage people to add value to the conversation, with their thoughts or experiences related to the product or in this case something particularly funny and on topic.  Might not have one to giveaway every month, and maybe none of the comments in a given month will be worthy of a gift card, but we will play it by ear and see how it goes, as long as I have extras to give away that is.

David, check your email, everyone else feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on this below.  Happy Friday to all!

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