Friendliest Cat Breeds


Authored by Darlene Zagata in Cats 
Published on 08-22-2009

Most cat owners would agree that you can’t judge a cat by its fur pattern. The most adorable looking demur feline may turn out to be an aggressive wildcat whereas even a common alley cat can be a friendly, loyal companion. It’s part of the feline nature to be aloof, moody and sometimes temperamental. Although a specific breed may have a reputation for being friendly, there’s no guarantee that every cat of that particular breed is going to be a sweet darling. They all have their own personalities. According to some veterinarians and other animal experts, some breeds are simply friendlier than others.

The friendliest cat breeds (in no particular order) are the Ragdoll, Absynnian, Manx, Burmese, Persian, Maine Coon, Exotic Shorthair, Chantilly (Tiffany), Somali and Birman. So what makes these felines such charmers? Let’s find out what they have that other breeds don’t.

Ragdolls have a very laid back demeanor and get along well with humans. They are intelligent and affectionate. Ragdolls are well-behaved, gentle cats. They learn easily and are eager to please. The Abyssinian breed is very loyal and intelligent. They are affectionate and people oriented. Abyssinians aren’t really lap cats but they do like human companionship and tend to stay near the owner. Since Abyssinian cats are difficult to breed, they can be expensive to purchase.

The Manx is known for having no tail although the Manx breed can have tails of varying lengths. The Manx is a high-spirited, playful breed of cat. They love attention and form a strong bond with their owners. Burmese cats are intelligent and playful. They are very people oriented. The Burmese is a typical lap cat. This breed loves being the center of attention. Burmese also love receiving affection and they are equally happy giving it as well. Persians are known for their long, luxurious fur. Persians are quiet, reserved and affectionate. Persians are often playful. They generally have a mild disposition and gentle demeanor.

The Maine Coon is very intelligent and has a loving disposition. It is a good breed for families with children. The Maine Coon is an active, good natured breed. Exotic shorthairs are quiet and peaceful cats. The Exotic shorthair is a relatively tame breed with a gentle, loving manner. The Chantilly (Tiffany) breed is friendly and affectionate. It has a temperate personality and makes a loyal companion. Somalis are intelligent, energetic but quiet. They are playful lap cats that love to be the center of attention. The Birman breed is playful, active and curious. These cats are gentle, loving and intelligent. Birmans are people-oriented cats that bond strongly with their human companions.

So now you know which cat breeds are the friendliest. Although you may have your heart set on a particular breed, sometimes the pet chooses the owner. You will instinctively know which cat is right for you when you find the little one that comes right to you, purrs and lets you know he or she wants to go home with you.


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