Front Walkway Ideas


Authored by Ruth Dsouza Prabhu in Landscaping 
Published on 11-22-2009

The way your home looks on the outside is often a precursor to what one can expect on the inside. If you are blessed with ample space for a front walkway leading up to your porch, then here are some ideas that will help you make the most of it. The way you do up your walkway actually enhances the way your porch, and the front of your home is perceived.

The first step in deciding on the type of front walkway to be styled is to understand the overall look of your home. This means, you walk over to the opposite pavement and take a good long look at your home. Look at what parts are clearly visible from the road, what part could do with highlighting, the range of colors you can see and so on. With this is mind you are better equipped to implement the right walkway ideas.

There are several uses to which you can put your front walkway ideas. For example you can think of putting in a walkway that curves all the way to your front porch. If you feel that you need to help the directionally challenged, then a straight walkway does the trick. No matter which style of front walkway you choose, landscape the areas around it. Introduce varying elements such as a bed of roses perhaps, or colorful hedging. A water body or a rock garden or even a small fish pond could have guests stopping to take in the sights. Intersperse your flower beds with small mushroom lights that set aglow in the evenings. This adds a whole new character to your walkway and not to mention, ups your security factor at night.

When you design your front walkway, keep in mind the color scheme of your home and incorporate complimentary shades and hues. If you are using concrete steps or cobblestones, remember they can be color stained. Use shrubs and flowering plants to get the desired color effect as well.

When it comes to doing your walkway, you could also change the accepted order of things. Bring your backyard furniture to the front and create a nice sit-out at the end of your walkway right beside your door. This gives a welcome touch to your set up. Choose a palette of colors to work with and select flowering plants in those shades. Keep repeating them all the way from your driveway, right up your walkway up to your front door.

Place two planters on either side of your front door and fill them with the plants. This gives a sense of continuity to your theme. Introduce a central artifact in your garden that is clearly visible from one point on your walkway. This could be a sculpture or a bird bath or even a bird house.

Here are also some tips you could keep in mind when planning your walkway:

  • When designing your walkway make sure that it is wide enough for two people to walk on. You would not want guests to end up trampling your hedging.
  • If you have limited space, remember that a straight walkway is cheaper to make and enhances the look of your porch while making it more welcoming.
  • If you have a driveway, it would make sense to have a separate walkway that leads in from the street. This could be placed next to or adjacent to your driveway to avoid confusion in getting to your front door.
  • In selection of materials for your walkway, make sure that they are comfortable to walk on. Bricks, tiles, concrete are some good materials.
  • In a landscaped walkway or a curvy one, ensure you have adequate lighting for nights, as well as visually different designs to indicate a change in elevation. You wouldn’t want guests tripping on themselves.

Designing a walkway is about bringing together aesthetics and creativity to make your home look more welcoming. A few helpful tips and some clear thinking is all that is needed.


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