Fun Ways to Learn Vocabulary

Trying to learn a language can be extremely boring unless you think of fun ways to learn the vocabulary.

Wouldn’t you find it much easier to learn the words by using them in sentences, seeing associated pictures, filling in missing letters, doing word searches to match the given definitions, filling in crossword puzzles, and more?

You can use scrambled words with the definitions in another column to help guess what the word is. You can make up “fill in the blanks” with a word list at the bottom of the sentences to choose from.

You can have a “word journal” to write down any words that you don’t know from your reading material. Then, using your dictionary, you can write down the meaning of the word. Then go back to the book and see if the definition fits in with the context used.

Write your own poetry or short stories and be as colorful as possible, which will give you a chance to use many adjectives as well as nouns. Use your imagination to come up with very unusual scenarios. You can take a normal routine in your life and let your imagination run wild to include a totally untrue story of things that could happen.

Ask your family and friends for a definition when they use a word that you do not know. Then use it in a sentence so that you will remember the word and also become familiar with what it means. Use the word repetitively and in different ways until it is learned.

You can have a “word of the week” contributed by family members, and put it on a page with its definition. The first one in the family to use that word in regular conversation gets a small prize.

Place post-its around the house with words you want to learn; and each time you see that word, say it out loud and then give a definition and use it in a sentence.

The whole family can sing songs or make up songs using different words that need to be learned.

You can record phrases, pause, guess what each means, and then go back to where you have given the definition and see if you are right.

Let a child write words in paint or crayons or with alphabet soup. Have the child look in the newspaper and cut out the words or the whole sentences and paste them onto construction paper. Praise the child if he or she notices the same word on a billboard, on TV, or in a book when you or they read a story.

Have children cut out words and their pictures and make a collage. You can make it added fun by letting them add sparklies, stickers, flower petals, ribbon, buttons, etc. You can also use this technique to let them make holiday or birthday cards for family members.

Play computer word games and learn that way. Watch TV in general and especially great channels such as PBS, ESPN, CNN, Comedy Central, etc.

Be a role model by using new words on a regular basis and being willing to explain them and perhaps act them out and use them in many creative ways.


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