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Fun with Binder Clips OfficeMax Color CClips


The Cool Binder Clips from OfficeMax Called “C-Clips” in Red and Blue

So I was perusing the OfficeMax website a few weeks ago, and among the many cool home office supplies that I came across, I found these cool OfficeMax Color C-Clips (aka binder clips) that come in two sizes and multiple colors.  I couldn’t pass up the unique design and bright colors, so here is a quick look at them.  You should note that for now OfficeMax has a bunch of stuff including these C-Clips on sale until March 20th they are Buy 2 get One Free, and they also have free shipping on purchases of $50 or more.


The Assorted Shapes and Colors of the Crescent Shaped Binder Clips from OfficeMax

Above you can see that these binder clips (its hard to call them C-clips, it doesn’t flow right for some reason) look pretty cool, and come in two sizes, medium and large.  They also come in different colors, including red, blue, yellow, green, and I think purple.  I didn’t get any purple ones in my package, but the OfficeMax site does show some of them, so I assume that the random assortment I got just didn’t happen to have any.


The OfficeMax C-Clip on a Miquelrius Notebook

Using the OfficeMax C-Clips is no different from using any regular binder clips, they require the same amount of pressure to open and clamp right on to most anything you need to hold together.  In the photo above, I show one clamped on my Miquelrius Notebook.  You can see that the book doesn’t lie totally flat with the clip on it, but it still does its job quite well, and again, if cool office supplies are your thing, this binder clip is really different looking.


Creative Uses for the OfficeMax C-Clips: a Binder Clip Pen Holder

One of the great things about regular binder clips is that they are pretty versatile and can be used to create things and do things with that were not their originally intended use.  Seeing the crescent shape in the center of these made me think they would make a cool looking little pen holder, so I pulled the arms out like you would with standard binder clips, and set them on their back with the crescent facing up, and the Sharpie Stainless Steel Marker that I had on hand fit perfectly in there.  I’m sure there are a ton of other great uses for these binder clips, like using them to hold loose wires and what not, but I have not had them long enough to fiddle around and think of such things, so please feel free to share any ideas that you might have.


The Binder Clip Monster Sculpture

I guess I did have time for one additional thing, which was to make a binder clip monster sculpture with my OfficeMax C-Clips, so I guess maybe I lied when I said I didnt have time to do too much more with them.   Anyway, if you are looking for some cool new home office supplies, these would make a wonderful addition to your office supply drawer.

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