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Fun with Sticky Notes Sticky Note Origami


Sticky note origami for some office supply fun

I picked up these sticky notes with origami instructions printed on them at Blick Art Materials when I was in Berkeley, CA.  The company that makes them has them listed on their website here, but they are based in the UK, so if you are in the US and wanted to pick them up, you could also check them out on Amazon.com, here.  These definitely fit in the cool office supply category.


Close up of one of the sets of instructions printed on each sheet

Not sure that these are incredibly useful, or productive, but they are kinda fun.  The pad comes with 100 sheets of sticky notes, and each one has one of ten different sets of instructions printed on them for some kind of origami creation, most of which are animals.  Now Im not the best at doing stuff like this so I outsourced the construction of these to my girlfriend who has some origami experience, although I dont think she lists it on her resume but lucky for her she has plenty of other more valuable skills. icon_smile-6634219  The one most important piece of feedback that she mentioned was that its a little bit on the hard side to do origami with sheets of paper that are the size of a post it note.

Here are the final results of her hard work:


Origami pig (left), lily (back), swan (right), frog (front)

And I almost forgot, I guess someone might actually want to write on these too, so if you do here is a writing sample.


Origami sticky note writing sample with a Sharpie Pen, Signo DX, Rollerball, and a Uniball Jetstream

The company that makes these also has some videos on youtube that show someone folding them to help you out.

Hope you enjoyed this post, its always good to try and have fun with your office supplies.

©2015, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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