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Funny Love Poem How To Find The Right Words

  • By Allen Jesson
  • Published 08/4/2008
  • Poetry

When it comes to writing a funny love poem you may find yourself faced with a task a lot harder that first thought. This article contains tips and ideas that will help you write a funny love poem. Before you begin your funny love poem I would recommend reading and listing to other poems in the same genre. This will give you some ideas about the styles they were written. You will also be able to decide if your funny love poem is going to be long or short, rhyming or not rhyming. Find inspiration, by simply reading a verse or line from another funny love poem you may just find the inspiration to write your own. Once you have the foundation you then need to bulk it out. If your funny love poem is intended for someone in particular you may already have ideas about what you want to include. If this is the case then spend some time making notes about the specific thing you want to incorporate. As hard as it sounds try to write down your emotions and feeling as this is what makes a poem special and meaningful. do not be afraid to say things you would not normally say.

Think about the event or p

erson the funny love poem is for, writing notes or a list as you remember the emotions and feeling you had at that time and have now. Once the list is written you can then go through and add or remove what ever you see fit. You will need to think about the style of your funny love poem. There are many styles of poems including haiku, sonnets, limericks or free verse. It is important to decide the style before actually putting your poem together. Use vivid descriptions and words of emotion such as love, happiness and joy. Try to include descriptive images, so instead of putting ‘the garden’ put ‘the lush green garden’ these descriptions will paint a better picture in the readers mind. Always save the best part of your funny love poem for the end. The end should be like a punch line to a joke, something that gives the reader something to think about after the poem has been read. When you feel your funny love poem is complete read it and read it again, do not be afraid to edit and make changes or better still ask others for their opinions and advice in how they feel the poem reads.

The most important thing is to be sincere, especially if you are going to be giving the poem as a gift to someone you love.



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