Furniture For Small Apartments


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Furniture
Published on 03-08-2009

Your first apartment might not be the apartment of your dreams. It might be a cute little place but not very cozy or large. Follow some simple apartment ideas to make your small apartment both functional and comfortable.

When purchasing furniture for small apartments, you need to think of furniture and accessories that serve more than one purpose. You can save space while creating your own “home sweet home.”

If money is tight when you move into your first apartment, there are several ways you can save on furniture. Shop at thrift stores as well as yard sales and flea markets. Look for furniture at superstores and discount outlets. You can always purchase fancier furniture after you have been living in your apartment for awhile.

Consider a futon for your bedroom. This will offer you a comfortable bed that does not take up a great deal of space. Depending on the number of rooms in your apartment, your bedroom might need to double as an office. Use a sofa-sleeper or other couch-to-bed design in your living room. You will have a couch to sit on, while having somewhere for guests to sleep.

Purchase ottomans, coffee tables and end stands that offer storage. These pieces of furniture offer a nice addition to your living room or family room. In addition, they provide you with additional storage space. There are not usually many closets in an apartment. You need to look for storage solutions that do not take up additional space.

Use books shelves that mount to walls in your apartment rather than freestanding bookcases to save space. You can store your books in an attractive and organized manner. These shelves can also be used to store movies and music. You can display your favorite collectibles on the shelves as well.

If you have a flat screen TV, you can purchase brackets to hang your television on the wall. You can also find stereos that are designed to be mounted on the wall. In these cases, you save the need for a large and bulky entertainment center. This will provide you with more room for furniture that you want to have in your apartment.

Select a compact desk for your computer and other office supplies and accessories. There are many large desks with compartments and extra space that you do not need. Look for a desk that will not cramp you when working on your computer or paperwork and that also will not cramp your small living space.

If you have an eating area where you can place a full size table, look for a table with boards that you can add and remove. This allows you to expand your eating space when you have company. Any other time, you can remove the boards and have a table that takes up less room in your small apartment.

Do not forget to add personal touches to your apartment so that you truly feel at home. Select a few of your favorite pictures to hang. Select a couple of your most treasured trinkets to display in your house. Use throw pillows and other accessories in colors and designs that reflect your style.


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