Furniture Options For A Studio Apartment

Due to its size, a studio apartment presents furnishing challenges to its occupant. With a little added creativity, the person who chooses to live in such a place can make it look and feel like home. Although these dwellings tend be conceived of as the living space of students and artists, anyone can apply a few simple principles and be comfortable in one.

Because the kitchen table and chairs can be some of the largest pieces of furniture in a home, this is a wise place to begin. Often, the chairs or stools that come with the table provide most of the seating in the apartment. Interior designers often recommend a bistro set, with a table approximately the height of the kitchen counter, and its accompanying stools for such small space. However, by scouting out yard sales, especially those in communities of small homes, one can sometimes find a more traditional looking set. The shape of the table is completely up to the person looking to furnish a living space, as some prefer round for safety’s sake, while others choose a square or rectangular one so it may be pushed against a wall more easily.

Expanding out from the kitchen, calculate how much room exists for other seating options. A larger studio may allow for a bed to be placed in a far corner of the room separated by a screen, but in a small studio, the best choice would be a futon or small sleeper sofa. These give seating when there are visitors, but become beds for the occupant at night. Depending on the exact size of the space to be furnished, one or two other chairs may fit.

Many choose to add a coffee table, small shelving units, and an item of furniture to hold any entertainment needs. Coffee tables in small spaces generally do what the name implies, allowing a place to put a drink or snack, perhaps a laptop computer and some books or magazines.

A small cart with cabinets on it would be ideal for holding the size of television likely to fit in a small room like this. Ideally the stereo, if there is one, ought to be on top of that cabinet or another table. When space allows, small bookshelves or baker’s racks, generally designed for dorm rooms, provide excellent storage for books, music, and movies. Shelves and creative bins may also be placed in closets to hold items not deemed worthy of visitors’ attention.

In the process of decorating a studio apartment, do not neglect lamps. These may be found in a variety of styles and sizes to fit any space consideration, budget, and lighting need. They range from the traditional tabletop lamps in many styles to suit any personality, to torchiere and other floor lamps ideal for placing in corners. Lamps may be purchased with basic, old-fashioned shades, no shade at all, or truly artistic stained glass or faux stained glass styles depending on the effect desired for the room.


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