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Galtiscopio Launches New Star Series Crystal Wristwatch

  • By Zetasler you
  • Published 12/28/2012

Come from the fashionable and avant-garde France, the first-class Galtiscopio trend watch brand continuously expressed its uniquely chic concept and successfully created the admiring artistic crystal wristwatch with stylish style. Since it was released, it has been hotly chased by fashion people from all over the world. Time flies, and Galtiscopio has already found for three years. omega planet ocean replica In celebration of the brand 3rd anniversary, Galtiscopion designs the mysterious wristwatch on purpose to commemorate the Star Series. This new wristwatch adds more amazing and outstanding elements for the original eye-catching and exquisite wristwatch. Following the chic and brief design of the brand, Galtiscopio artistic crystal wristwatch perfectly becomes the spotlight for fashionistas.

Galtiscopio 3rd anniversary wristwatch inherits the wonderful design concept of the brand and also makes creative breakthrough on workmanship. As limited edition full of commemorative value, this wristwatch of course comes in the brand logo – glittering and translucent stereoscopic wooden horse. Don’t look upon this small hobbyhorse. It is not a common toy at all but a magical playmate which can bring you across time and space. From the past to future, it will lead you to step in extraordinary realm under replica omega speedmaster regular tick sound condition. Whether for relieving the funny childhood time, leaping forward the future or exploring unknown mystical world, this exciting gadget will surely be the favorite of fashion icons who are incessantly pursing breakthrough.  

Behind this incredible hobbyhorse is the classic theme pattern of this series-dreamy night star. Twinkling and eye-attracting noctilucent five-pointed star constitutes boundless sky, representing that Galtiscopio’s imaginative idea will constantly extend. These stars in the dial covered with special luminous material will emits dazzling lights in black environment and forms gorgeous night sky, keeping one’s eyes fully occupied. The case is surrounded with stereoscopic Swarovski crystal engraved with GP Signature. Perfect combination of two different materials let this wristwatch exudes acme glittering bright. Any tasteful males and ladies cannot resist such exquisite wristwatch. No matter for attending day gathering or night party, it is going to hold the focus among crowd.

Star Series wristwatch offers three colors cases for choosing, including brilliant silver, cool black and rose gold cases. All these editions are omega seamaster planet ocean replica fashionable and shining, and they are absolutely the essential accessories for parties in this season. Now let this mysterious hobbyhorse accompany you on opening an unforgettable travelling. 


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