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Gather information about intellectual property and protect your business

  • By Cathy Warden
  • Published 08/29/2012

Are you carrying out a business related to intellectual property? If so, it is necessary for you to know as to what this intellectual property is all about. Along with this, knowing the legal rights and rules attached to such property is also essential for you. This is because this information will actually guide you as to how you will protect your property used in the business. At the same time, it will also help you to check as to which competitor is trying to copy your existing business.

Know about the intellectual property –

Intellectual property is usually considered to the creative work or invention made by an individual. For instance, music, literary work, scientific invention, and many other creative works are considered as intellectual property. An individual who carries out business related to such property or is the creator of such work holds the sole right over the property which cannot be taken or copied by any other individual. To secure this right, intellectual property law has also been introduced that provides the creator the legal ownership over the work.

Further division of the intellectual property law:-

This whole intellectual property law is divided into further subgroups according to the type of property involved in the business. This sub divided group include:-

Copyright – Under this group, literary works are usually included and protected. For instance, the lyrics of the songs, original manuscript of any book or novel, poems and many such creative writings and ideas are secured.

Patent – Under this group, inventions or work related to any new invented formula or design process are usually protected. This law in fact, prevents any other individual to copy any such work with the concern of the actual inventor or owner of the project. For instance, when a new machine will be invented, the whole making procedure will be protected by patent.

Trademarks – This law protects the logo or symbol or name of the product of a particular company. In the marketing field, these factors are usually considered by a business owner so that the consumers can differentiate his business products from the rest of the existing ones. If any competitor tries to copy the logo or the name of the product that has already been launched, the owner company can file a case against the competitor.

However, before taking any such step you need to know as under which category your business falls. To know this, get in touch with an experienced Miami intellectual property attorney. This attorney can guide you to categories your business under intellectual property law.

What happens if somebody tries to violate such law?

If any individual tries to violate this law by copying the creative work of another individual, the owner does have the right to sue or file a case against that individual. For instance, if you feel that your work has been copied by any other individual, you have the right to file federal lawsuit against that offender. Being the inventor you can seek security from the government agency. However, the agency is not required to take any action against the offender.

When you file such case, you will be required to know about the various legal proceedings related to the case. If you are confused about the steps or not well informed about the steps, refer to an experienced Miami intellectual property lawyer for skilled guidance.

Author bio – Cathy Warden is a legal consultant. She has been writing for many online publications. In her recent article on Miami copyright attorney, she offers helpful tips for people who are looking for legal assistance for providing protection to their intellectual property. She takes inspiration from Dfarberlaw Firm (http://www.dfarberlaw.com/ ) while drafting her piece of article.



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