Gay Bars A Great Place for Straight Men


Authored by Jake Fowler in Dating 
Published on 10-08-2009

Attention straight men: If you are sick of the same old scene, sick of competing with 50 other guys for the same five attractive girls, or just want to mix up your weekend schedule, check out a gay bar. The gay bar scene is a unique opportunity to mingle with straight women that most guys never take advantage of.

There are straight girls at gay bars. They may not swarm in overwhelming numbers all the time, but they definitely are there. Girls go to gay bars for a variety of reasons. Some like to take a night off from the “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” pick-up lines, some for the non-stop dancing and many just because they have gay friends. (These gay friends often have cute girl friends that they are more than happy to set you up with.)

Whatever the reason she is there, a woman will almost undoubtedly be more excited to talk to you than she would be in a different situation. First of all, if she has a gay friend and goes to gay bars often, she will appreciate the attention. Her mere surprise and relief that someone is interested in her at this unlikely place will be welcome and score you points instantly. Also, you almost assuredly will not seem like a creeper no matter what you say. The fact you are in the gay bar in the first place tells her you are comfortable with your sexuality and not some ignorant macho cave man that just craves food, water and sex.

Also different from straight bars is the competition level. Straight men at gay bars are like sprinklers in the desert so your probability of landing a lady is astronomically higher. And if you do find a lady, you have an automatic conversation starter. “Um, Why are you here?” is an easy icebreaker that is likely to draw a smile and lets you avoid those awkward first conversation moments. You also will have an air of mysteriousness just by being there that will intrigue almost anyone.

A major concern for some men is being hit on by other men. Get over it. This should not deter you. The men at gay bars go there all the time and have a pretty well-developed sense for who is gay and who is not by now (called Gay-dar on the streets). It would not be in a gay man’s best interest to hit on straight men anyway. Even if another man did hit on you by mistake, use it as a self-esteem boost and not as a negative. Or take a second to think about the signs that v-neck and scarf ensemble are sending out.

If all of this does not convince you, maybe some alcohol will. The drinks are usually priced lower than other clubs and drink specials are abundant, especially during the week. Many places have $1 mixed drinks and nights with no cover.

Do not hesitate straight men. This is a great opportunity to have fun and try something you have never done before. If it doesn’t work out and you get tag-team grinded on by a shirtless couple that want to ménage a trios, it’s not the end of the world. You have a great story to tell that will make any future girl laugh and intrigue her just the same as if she had seen you there. It’s worth the risk. The women are there. The competition is not. The pressure is off. The drinks are cheap. Take a chance, see for yourself and prepare to reap the benefits.


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