Gem Mining in North Carolina


Authored by Crystal Crowder in North Carolina 
Published on 11-25-2009

North Carolina offers up locals and tourists alike the chance to mine for their very own gems. There are numerous gem mines in North Carolina. Instead of trying to find the best one through trial and error, take a look below at some of the best gem mines the state has to offer.

Gem Mountain

Gem Mountain is located in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. Gem Mountain features both flume and aquamarine mining. Any gems you find can be made into personalized jewelry onsite. Gem Mountain runs an online store as well. They offer mining and other activities for all age groups. The mine is open from March 1st to December 31st.

Thermal City Gold Mine

Located near Marion, North Carolina, Thermal City Gold Mine consists of a one mile segment of the Second Broad River. The mine also includes eighty five acres of the Placer Mine Deposits. Four rental cabins are available along with camping spots and showers. Thermal City Gold Mine is open from March 1st to November 15th.

Emerald Hollow Mine

Emerald Hollow Mine is located in Hiddenite, North Carolina. This is the only emerald mine open to the public in the United States. The mine boasts approximately sixty four different natural gems and minerals. Like Gem Mountain, Emerald Hollow Mine can also turn your gems into jewelry. The mine offers sluicing, digging and creek mining. The mine is open every day but Christmas day. You can rent tools onsite. There is also a campground onsite.

Sheffield Mine

Sheffield Mine is located in Franklin, North Carolina. The mine is open from April 1st through October 31st. Sheffield Mine is a ruby and sapphire mine. Tools aren’t needed for mining here. Sheffield Mine recommends setting aside at least two hours for the best mining experience. Any gems you find can be made into jewelry onsite. They also offer jewelry making classes so you can make your own jewelry.

Rose Creek Mine

Rose Creek Mine is located in Franklin, North Carolina. Rose Creek boasts rubies, topaz, garnets, sapphires and other gems. There is a campground onsite. Trout fishing is also offered near the mines themselves. Rose Creek Mine has a covered flume, so you can mine no matter what the weather.

Mining is fun for the whole family. School field trips can be taken to some of the mines as well. Many of the mines in North Carolina offer campgrounds either onsite or nearby. If you’re planning on staying overnight, consider looking at other attractions that may be nearby. Most of the websites provided above also provide detailed directions and even links to local tourist attractions.

Visit the website for the mine you wish to visit before going. The website will offer information on exact times the mine is open, online shopping and which days the mine is closed. Depending on the mine’s location, weather conditions may cause the mine to open late or close during certain times of the year.


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