Gemstones and Their Mystical Powers


Authored by Thea Tan in Jewelry
Published on 01-26-2009

Over the centuries, man has been using gemstones for a variety of purposes other than just being ornaments. For instance, gems served as good luck charms when given to a beloved someone. With the unceasing progress of science, many have begun to doubt the magical properties believed to reside in each stone.

However, with man’s continuous search for a healthy body, inner peace, and well-being, he is turning back to old beliefs and is finally rediscovering the hidden magical prowess of these beautiful but rare gemstones.

  1. Amethyst is known to help treat addictions and alcoholism. It is said that this violet gemstone has soothing properties to help a person in misery. It strengthens the wearer’s psychic ability to help concentrate and meditate.
  2. Topaz is known to treat depression. It helps the wearer become successful and find true love. It also helps in finding inner talents that may have been previously neglected.
  3. Chrysocolla is believed to relieve one’s allergies. It also aids in purifying the wearer’s external environment and promote inner peace.
  4. Carnelian is said to aid a person in managing anger and controlling emotions by expressing them in a healthy way.
  5. Copper is known to alleviate the pain and soreness caused by arthritis.
  6. Aquamarine is believed to aid its wearer who is in grave danger to display great courage. It also has protective properties that help increase brain power and judgment.
  7. Azurite is good for cleansing the mind and increasing psychic ability.
  8. Emerald is a favorite among the elderly as it is believed to help in memory retention. It also helps its wearer achieve a clear mind.
  9. Diamond, aside from being known as a woman’s best friend, is also known to help boost confidence and mental clarity. It also brings inspiration to the wearer.
  10. Obsidian is a grounding mineral known for its protective properties. Because of its mirror-like surface, it is said to posses the special ability to reveal to its wearer his or her flaws, and provide insight on how to correct these flaws.
  11. Jade is known to have magical powers to cure loneliness and depression. It helps achieve serenity, calm, and deep sleep. It also helps to remember the dreams one had during the night, which might have escaped from memory.
  12. Trilobite is said to help achieve patience.
  13. Lepidolite is believed to alleviate stress and lift depression. It also helps block the negative forces from the outside world to achieve peace of mind.
  14. Turquoise is known to give protective powers to its wearer.
  15. Ruby is known to represent and heighten love. It provides wealth and protection to its wearer.
  16. Tiger eye brings calm and serenity, and allows the wearer to see into his or her own problems. These gemstones also encourage optimism in life.
  17. Sapphire attracts happiness, peace, as well as wealth and riches.
  18. Onyx is said to be helpful to people who are grieving and in the process of letting go.

The metals where these gemstones are attached are also known to have metaphysical properties.

  • Gold is well-known to have healing powers and also possesses the power to attract positive energies. It also encourages better knowledge and understanding.
  • Silver, on the other hand, promotes cleansing and helps its wearer see his or her self as others do. It is also said to help the gemstone embedded on it to achieve the full strength of its metaphysical properties. Because of this, silver is the preferred metal when creating jewelry with these gemstones.

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