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General Tips for Writing a Resource Box for Article Marketing

  • By Isabela Duarte
  • Published 10/27/2011
  • Writing

Following you will find some helpful tips on building your HTML resource box to fully take advantage of these few precious lines. Many of these suggestions will not cause an article rejection, but these recommendations are meant to enhance the performance of your HTML resource box. Remember that HTML is an exact language, all the wording has to be perfect for the codes to work properly. If the HTML is perfect, then the link will work. If there is just one tiny mistake in the HTML wording, then the link will not work! Avoid adding punctuation immediately after the URL, such as a comma or a period. Keep in mind that punctuation may create problems on certain web sites. These problems can occur when Publishers automatically convert the URL into an active link. Always test the links immediately after submission to ensure they work properly. This is done by clicking on the article’s title on the author’s page and rendering the HTML links to check performance. This self-check test can save you from having to find out later that your article needs edits.

Be Dynamic! Add text and links to show variety. This is very imp

ortant because including only links in the “About the Author” box is a practice that is frowned upon. The HTML resource box should include the same level of information as a text resource box. Don’t use too many words as anchor text. Limit your anchor text to 3 words (if you are targeting long tail keywords you may end up hyperlinking up to 5 words). Some publishers will automatically decline the article based on how many words are used as anchor text. Use keywords in the links instead of business names. Keywords which are related to your website will help your “About the Author” box to include text and links. Hyperlink the keywords. The greatest benefit of hyperlinking is found in linking to keywords found on the destination page. If you hyperlink just your URL, then that is the same as just using the plain text box. Many authors like including their email address in the “About the Author” box. Publishers do accept email addresses as one of the links in the “About the Author” box.

Following these suggestions will help establish you as an expert author. Remember that Article Marketing is a process, as you continue to write effective resource boxes, this will increase traffic to your website!



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