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Generic Inkjet Replacement Cartridges


Skia Canon Pixma MX922 Replacement Ink Cartridges

I’ve always been the person that completely avoids the 3rd party replacement parts and sticks with OEM replacement parts.  I decided to take the plunge with some generic inkjet replacement cartridges though when the ink for my Canon Pixma 922MX ran out of black ink.  I saw the 20 Pack of Skia Replacement Cartridges for the Pixma 922MX (via Amazon) and for a fraction of the price of the OEM version I figured it was too good of a deal not to give them a shot.  This pack of 4 SETS of replacement ink cartridges was $39.95, whereas if you wanted to get JUST ONE set of the Canon OEM replacement inks it would be nearly $60.  It just didn’t make sense not to give this a try.


Skia Canon Pixma Mx922 Replacement Black Comparison to OEM Chip

The first thing that jumped out at me with these Skia Canon Pixma MX922 replacement cartridges was that the chip on the bottom was totally different between the generic and OEM versions.  I’m no electrical engineer, but it just seems wrong that these are drastically different.  You can also see that the generic Skia replacement ink cartridge (the clear one on the right) has two notches out of the side that the left one doesn’t have.


Skia Canon Pixma Mx922 Replacement Black Comparison to OEM Back Nubs

On the back side of the Skia Canon Pixma MX922 replacement you see that on the top it has two small nubs that protrude, but the OEM version on the back has the two at top and a third at the bottom.  Not sure what that third nub does, but its clear that it may not be necessary.  Regardless of what seem like pretty major visible differences, I’m happy to report that these have been working quite well so far, although admittedly with only about 40 pages printed to date.  The reason I went with the Skia brand was just because of the high volume of overall good reviews which you can see here on Amazon.  So far I’m very pleased with the performance of these generic ink jet replacements, as is my wallet.  Have you tried any brands of generic replacement ink jet cartridges with either good or bad results?  Share your thoughts below in the comments, maybe you can help convince someone else to save a few bucks.

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