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Get a great dress

Get A Great DressTina from NY says… I drove to boston with a bunch of friends to get a dress for one friend who was getting married in april, I wasnt getting married until october of the following year but I went for the adventure and fun. Boy was it fun!!!!!! We drove from NY at night to get to Boston in the wee, wee hours of the am to wait on line there were people waiting when we got there at 4 am, it was exhausting but so worth it my friend and I Summer Wedding Dresses got gorgeous dresses. We originally started with about 6 each and traded until we found “the one” Mine had a price tag of 4,600 and hers was more than 2500. Mine barely needed to be altered. I felt like I was in heaven just trying it on, I knew immediately it was made just for me. Its amazing, the cost of the dress was only 250 my veil and headpiece cost more. My friend spent more on her shoes and alterations than on her dress. It was so much fun my friends and I laughed the whole time. Even if you dont get a dress, think about it as a girls day out and it will be worth it…

susan from north bergen, nj says… i am actually really glad i went to this event…i found a dress, “pronovias” brand, normally over $2000 for only $249! of course, my friend and i did get to the event an hour later than the mad rush…it was purely by accident, too. we meant to get up early, catch the bus to the city (the new york bridal event) and wait in line before the store opened…but w

e got a late start, and got there about 9am. so it was pretty calm, empty, but still plenty of dresses left. i even got to try the dresses on in a fitting room, vs in the aisles (which i heard about, and was prepared for!). and thanks to my friend , who actually spotted the dress i eventually bought, and persuaded me to try it on (i didn’t think it was my style…until i put it on!)…i found the perfect wedding dress for an amazing price! complete with a beautiful train! so that’s my story. so i definitely recommend going a bit later… Discount Wedding Dresses the frenzy, but still get a good selection of dresses. good luck!
Heather from Atlanta, GA says… This was my first sale and I had a good time. I decided it wasn’t worth is to sleep outside and so I got there 10 minutes before the doors opened. Some advice…there is no point in running because all the dresses are cleared off the rack in about 2 or 3 minutes. A friend who had been there previously gave me good advice that worked. Find someone who got in really early and stand beside them, becaue they will have all the cute dresses. Generally, anything they don’t want they will hand over to you. Yes some of the girls are mean, but most of them are nice. I actually met a girl there and we buddy up. She would wait for the girl to hand off the dresses she didn’t want and I would keep checking the racks. I ended up finding her a beautiful Romona Kerveza dress retail $4000 for $700 Simple Wedding Dresses 6. It was pure silk and strapless. Moral of the story you don’t have to sleep outside allnight to get a great dress!!!


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