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Get A Powerful Cleaning Performance from LG UK

LG UK’s Truestream&™ dishwasher has been stylishly designed in stainless steel whilst delivering a powerful cleaning performance, without the need for prewashing.

Using LG’s innovative TrueStream&™ Technology, the dishwasher showcases ground-breaking features such as SmartRack&™, Smart Diagnosis&™ and unbeatable efficiency, rightfully making it the ideal home product of the future.

TrueStream&™ Technology

By creating high-temperature steam particles, they are injected into the machine via carefully positioned pressure nozzles.

These particles attach themselves to the grease and grime covering your dishes and utensils, and the temperature rises to near melting point. The particles themselves are powerful enough to tackle the toughest, burnt and dried on food remains.

By the time the cycle is complete, you are left with sparkling clean dishes and utensils.

Whilst this intense programme is perfect for most dishes, you may be concerned at some of your more delicate items; therefore you have the option of the Steam Care cycle, which offers you a gentler option.

SmartRack&™ Technology

With easily adjustable tines, the SmartRack&™ can accommodate a wide range of odd-sized dishes and utensils. As a result, you experience a more convenient wash, whilst the DirectDrive&™ motor ensures the optimum performance, cutting down on both water and energy use, and in turn saving you money.


The Inverter Direct Drive technology from LG makes this dishwasher super-efficient.

With a grade A++ energy rating, the drive uses 42% less water than standard washers, meaning you not only save energy, but money also.

When compared to other standard washers, consider LG’s energy consumption of 0.92kWh compared to the standard 1.08kWh; or it’s 9-litre water usage, to that of the standard 14.9-litres.

LG are so confident in their technology, that they also provide a 10-year warranty on Inverter Direct Drive Motor installed dishwashers, giving you peace of mind in your choice.

Smart Diagnosis&™

By sending relevant troubleshooting data to the service centre over the phone via unique tone signals, the data is received allowing a technician to determine the issue, thus making the entire process quicker and easier.

About the Author: Barry Knightly is a writer and fan of LG UK.


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