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Get a Steady Traffic Flow to Your Website

  • By Nelson Sousa
  • Published 03/31/2009
  • Article Writing

If you thought getting highly targeted & qualified visitors to a web site is full time job, then think again because I’m going to share another little known secret to doing exactly that. Considering it now costs $299 to even get Google or Yahoo to look at your page…and that doesn’t even guarantee a listing, this is a viable and to consider options you need to listen to. Other search engines are beginning to follow suit. Overture started a revolution in search engine positioning by charging per click through. Other majors are either partnering up with them or they’re going to at least a partial Pay-Per-Click positioning system. Hundreds of small PPC are growing up… Free classified ads don’t work. Free-For-All Link pages haven’t worked for years. Free banner advertising networks take more traffic away from your site than they provide. Free traffic networking systems (which work like Multi-Level programs) produce very untargeted traffic. So What is Left?

When your doing internet marketing is of extreme importance to write short articles about each product. And these take half an hour to write up and then you can use the same article in many different formats

to save time. You can Work Smarter! That’s right you can take your 500 to 1000 word article that only took you half an hour to write and quickly and easily use the exact same article to promote my web site in 5 different ways…. Then submit the article to Ezines and article distribution sites. It is offered as free content on other web Sites. It is compiled into free eBooks. You may never have heard this before, so I am going to repeat it, because it is extremely important to understand. Creating short 500 to 1,000 word articles is easily the most powerful form of free advertising online. It doesn’t just get used in one way. It can be used to build your business in multiple ways. In case you not good at writing, now a days you can easily find what we call ghost-writers, these are people who love writing and they are offering their services openly on the internet. Ghost-writers are an easy option to get fresh & new content out there and of course new content means search engines noticing you. Please bear in mind that they may charge you in between 15$ to 20$ per article. So, what you waiting for let the world know that you exist and your words count to a better informed world. I hope you enjoyed this article.

Good Luck


My name is Nelson Sousa, I have been on online marketing for 3 years now and I think is time to start sharing my ideas with anyone interested in starting their own business.
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Good Luck

by Nelson Sousa



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