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Get Better Understanding of Software Engineering Jobs

  • By Jo Lock
  • Published 11/6/2012

The demand for software engineering jobs has increased exponentially over the past decade. It is not uncommon to find at least one professional software engineer or at least an aspiring one, in almost every family of today. More and more students are leaning towards software engineering and/or software developing as the number of IT companies grow and the popularity of software engineer jobsincrease. But what makes these jobs so desirable? If you are thinking about the same thing, let’s take a look at what does this job really entail.

What does a software engineer do? Software engineers are responsible for developing, maintaining and operating software programs for enabling organizations and businesses to function as expeditiously as they can. A software engineer can work in a wide range of different industries. Being a software engineer/developer, an individual may seek employment from offices to manufacturing companies. Regardless of the industry, a software engineer’s primary job is to develop, maintain and operate specific software programs that will allow the organisation to perform the various tasks with as much ease and perfection as possible.

Software engineers typically work with a computer programmer or a business analyst in identifying the requirements and needs of an organisation so that they can create the software programs according to those needs. They generally work with small teams of IT professionals and create a development plan before starting work on a particular project. This development plan generally covers every stage of the particular project. Some of these stages are software analysis, testing and installation of the completed IT programs.

What responsibilities does a software engineer have to fulfil? The roles and responsibilities of a software engineer may vary greatly depending on the size and type of the particular organisation. Depending on the demands of the particular industry, a software engineer may have the following responsibilities:

· Programming the computer controls that will be used for activating machinery in the manufacturing industries

· Working with business analysts in developing project development plans

· Building up new IT systems

· Modifying the IT systems that are already being used

· Setting up the database and administrative systems in offices

· Writing documentation

· Developing codes

· Programming the test models of a software

· Testing the models for capability and installation related issues

These were just some of the responsibilities of a software engineer. There may be other additional responsibilities depending on the particular industry and the designation of the employee.

How much salary can a software engineer expect to earn? If you are a recent graduate or a fresher in this field, you can expect to earn anywhere between £19,500 and £24,000 per annum. However, as you grow in experience, your salary may see a hike and you may earn £25,000 to £38,000, depending on the nature and size of the particular company. Senior software engineers or those who work in the managerial posts, usually have earnings of £45,000 per annum.

These are just some of the things that you must learn if you are thinking of becoming a software engineer/developer and looking for software engineering or software developer jobs. It is a rewarding field and if you have the necessary skills, you would have a successful and satisfying career.

Author Bio: Jo likes to be kept on her toes so the fast paced world of recruiting is a great environment to work in. She writes about all aspects of recruitment, particularly in relation to ERP. In her latest article she talks about software engineer jobs.



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