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Get Genuine R4 cards at great prices

The R4 series cards are widely used storage devices used with the famous Nintendo DS gaming consoles. In 2004 the first Nintendo DS model came out and so did the R4 card. Over the years new models were added to The DS series of consoles and keeping up with it new types of R4 cards were manufactured.  Many dishonest business owners have tried to cash in its popularity by coming up with clone cards. These clone cards are very poor in quality. Buying them is wasting your money. When a buying a product from R4 series of storage cards, make sure your buying a genuine thing. These cards are primarily manufactured in Japan and then circulated across the world. When you are outside Japan, before buying an R4 card, always look for a trusted R4 cards store or supplier. In the United Kingdom, the most trusted name is the UK R4 card store. 

The UK R4 card store is dedicated to give customers their money’s worth in R4 card purchases. Their always supply only genuine R4 cards to the buyers in the United Kingdom. The store has direct contact with manufacturers and authorized suppliers. They always collect the highest quality product and offer them to the buyers at a competitive price. 

Recently there has been a great increase in the number of sellers and suppliers of R4 Cards but most of them give you clones rather than the original product. Wise Customers always prefer The UK R4 card store.  This decision is driven by various factors. They are one of the most experienced names in the R4 card industry and their customer service team has been satisfying customers for years now.

 Security: some scammers and fraud websites will just take your personal details rather than giving you what you want. UK R4 card store uses the service of PayPal to ensure secure transactions. Every customer can be assured about the safety of their personal and card details and they will also get the right product at the right time. With PayPal you can easily pay with your credit and debit cards. 

 Pricing: The UK R4 card store offers price that is very reasonable to all customers. Customers get the best value for money possible. There is assurance about the genuine nature of the sold products whereas other sellers sell low quality imitations to customers, who ultimately suffer.  This company is no upstart, it has been around for years, rely on them to give you genuine products such as the  R4i card along with great customer service.

 Customer service: The Company has one of the best customer services in its filed. Customers does have to wait long to get their reply.  All correspondence is done via email and every email gets the appropriate reply from them. In case of   any complain with any of the products, for example the R4i Card; it will be replaced without the customer having to undergo any complex procedure. Also they can take help from the   24/7 technical support.

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