Get Hooked on Wu Long Tea


Authored by Sanketa Nayak in Nutrition 
Published on 12-17-2008

If you want a natural and easy way to lead a healthy lifestyle then you can find this in more with by simply drinking wu long tea on a regular basis. Wu long tea has been found out to contain lots of benefits and relatively no bad side effects. Add this up with the scientific researches that back up such claims, it some as no surprise that so many people find themselves hooked on drinking wu long tea on a daily basis.

Teas have always been a special thing among people, especially during these days when health seems to be a very important factor in everyone’s life. Wu long tea has become a primary choice for health reasons because of the research that backs up its claim. Wu long tea is scientifically proven to have a lot of useful benefits for those who drink them up. This is also the reason why so many people have become hooked on wu long tea because they know that they can get expected good results by drinking this regularly.

Some people refer to wu long tea as oolong tea. Either way, it only refers to one and the same thing. Scientific studies have consistently showed that the brew which can be made from wu long have a lot of potential to reverse any signs of aging. In addition, the brew can also help facilitate total body well-being and rid the person off from stress and possible occurrence of fatigue. This is all made possible because wu long tea contains lots of beneficial nutrients such as polyphenals, teaflavin, and catechin which are known to be powerhouses of good health benefits.

Japanese scientists have also found out that wu long tea are effective weight loss aids. In the study which they have conducted, it has been concluded that the subjects who drank wu long tea tend to burn more calories as compared to those who consumed green tea instead. Moreover, other studies have also shown that energy expenditure can amount to around 10% after a person drinks wu long tea. This is definitely more than double the amount that green tea can cause in terms of energy expenditure which only amounts to 4%.

Aside from weight loss benefits, wu long tea is also known for its skin rejuvenation ability. Drinking wu long tea everyday can cause the skin to clear up and this is what another round of research have concluded. Some group of researchers from the University of California surprisingly found out that those who consume wu long tea daily are able to experience around 50% elimination of those free radicals in just fifteen days from consumption.

Aside from these beauty benefits, wu long tea has also been found out to be an effective source of immune system build up. It contains bacteria and virus fighting substances which protect the body from infections and other unwanted diseases. Because of these scientific researches, more and more people are becoming hooked on wu long tea and for really good reasons.


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