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Get noble & elegant sense from cartier

  • By Aaron L. Mapp
  • Published 12/9/2010
  • Article Writing

There  is special relationship between women and jewelry. For stylish women,  jewelry would be the friend and another side of soul for women. Jewelry  would be necessary item for special events to show politeness. The  function of jewelry would not be only for decoration, the expression of  noble and elegance for stylish women is also important. Cartier would be  a perfect symbol for women’s elegance. Here are some wonderful items  for us to show the elegant fashion.   Bridal rings   Every ring from Cartier is with a touching love story. The  heating red box of Cartier covers the passionate diamond to be with  promise for love. Bridal rings integrate golden diamond embedding  crafts. The perfect assortment fully illustrates the shining luster and  solid material. Finally, Bridal ring becomes the classical item for  engage ring. Solitaire 1895 and Solitaire Ballerine series from Bridal  would be equal to permanent love on the design with the most perfect  diamonds. Any bride could be charming with the ring and pure wedding  dress as happy princess.   Trinity rings   Such  three-ring design originated from the thought of Louis Cartier for Jean  Cocteau. Three different colors may present friendship (Platinum),  loyalty (gold) and love (rose gold). It would be one of perfect  illustration for Cartier rings. No one could deny it is an inspiration  and brand symbol for Cartier jewelry. Unique three-ring design brings  fashionable impact for ordinary tendency and personality. The elegance  essence of ring stands for pure friendship, the positive attitude for  future and the extreme attraction in noble design.   Trinity  ring sends smooth feeling for finger. Naturally, French style of  elegance and cherished leisure may be shown without hiding. It is the  masterpiece of nature and classicism for us.   Panthère de Cartier   Elegant  leopard would be preferred by Cartier design. Sliming body with elegant  pose, leopard hides the passionate power within strong muscle. Its eyes  are always attractive. We may always witness famous designs from  Panthère de Cartier making use of leopard inspiration. The black onyx,  white diamond and green emerald easily combine together to form the  series of beautiful items.   Such  style is also helpful for our dressing assortment. With brooch in onyx  and diamond, sapphire necklace, rings and bracelets show up, could it  remind you of the classical leopard dress of Duchess Windsor?



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