Get Paid to Recycle


Authored by Jaipi Sixbear in Environment
Published on 12-04-2009

Get paid to recycle just about everything. Recycling saves money, protects the environment and reduces waste. Just about anything families throw away can be recycled. Get paid to recycle everything from the food we eat to the toys our kids play with. Some items we get paid to recycle earn us cold hard cash. Others pay by saving us money. All recycling pays off environmentally in a big way.

Get Paid to Recycle Aluminum

Everyone knows aluminum cans are recyclable but only a small percentage of Americans actually recycle their aluminum cans. Many are thrown away and end up in landfills. Why not get paid to recycle your aluminum cans and other aluminum items as well? City dwellers who don’t want to get paid to recycle aluminum can bag up their cans and leave them by the dumpster for the homeless.

Get Paid to Recycle Toys

Used toys in good condition can be donated to homeless shelters, day care centers and other organizations. Get paid to recycle toys with a feeling that only comes with an act of goodwill. Be sure to clean toys well, spray with a disinfectant and rinse before donating them. Recycling toys by giving to underprivileged kids pays off in improved self image for them and you.

Get Paid to Recycle Electronics

If you look hard enough you can find a way to get paid to recycle electronics. There are organizations that recycle cell phones for the less fortunate. There are also companies that make you pay to take your recyclable electronics. But in every city there is also someone like Garrick (720-374-4770 in Denver) who makes it possible to get paid to recycle electronics.

Get Paid to Recycle Glass

In Santa Fe there is someone making a lot of money recycling glass. How do they do it? They get paid to recycle glass by making decorative bottle trees for the yard and garden. Used glass can be made into many useful objects such as ashtrays and drinking glasses with the use of a bottle cutter. Get paid to recycle glass and get your craftiness on at the same time.

Get Paid to Recycle Grass Clippings, Leaves and Kitchen Waste

Get paid to recycle vegetation and kitchen waste by making your own compost. Fertilizer is expensive and harmful to the environment. Replace it with compost for free. Get paid to recycle by selling homemade compost too. You can also make and sell liquid fertilizer compost tea. It’s easy to do. Just dunk a cloth bag filled with compost repeatedly in water.

Get Paid to Recycle Fabric

Used fabric from old clothing can be recycled in many ways. Get paid to recycle scrap fabric by making and selling useful items sewn with old clothing scraps. Quilting can be very lucrative. Get paid to recycle old fabric made into beautiful quilts and wall hangings. Use old fabric for patching and save money by buying new less often.

Anyone can get paid to recycle. Everyone knows you can get paid to recycle aluminum cans but few take advantage. You can get paid to recycle electronics. Glass can be made into useful items and sold. You can even even get paid to recycle your garbage and yard waste as compost. Get paid to recycle fabric by sewing beautiful handmade quilts. Get paid to recycle almost anything normally thrown away.


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