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Get ready to purchase a smartphone cell phone watch

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  • Published 02/22/2011
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Since recent years, cell phone watches have been growing together with amazing speed. They come in a large range of different styles with various superb functions. Owning to this reason, cell phone watches might be the upcoming focus. Here come many some views of cell phone watches from the two sides:Cell phone watches are an interesting device because they make it virtually impossible to miss a call. When a cell phone is stored in a pants pocket and is on vibrate mode, sometimes the carrier does not feel it go off. When a cell phone wrist watch vibrates, it would be really hard to miss. In fact, with a watch cell phone, a person would never have to have it on any mode besides vibrate because it would always be felt. Another advantage to wearing a cell phone watch is that it eliminates the need to store it in a pants pocket or a purse. Cell phones are bulky and can be uncomfortable in a pocket and girls would no longer have to fumble through their purses to find their cell phone if it was worn on their wrist.

However, the obvious disadvantage to a cell phone watch is the screen size. Although, some cell phone watches can browse the internet like a smar

tphone, the small screen makes it difficult to navigate. A cell phone watch is not for a person who intends to use their phone for lots of internet browsing. Another disadvantage to cell phone watches is that they tend to be a bit bulkier than traditional wrist watches. Smaller cell phone watches are being made each day, but they still are larger than the wrist watches a typical person would buy at a store.Cell Phone Watch StylesThe reason why cell phone watches did not take off when they were first introduced to the market is because they were too bulky. But now cell phone watches have been created to resemble a traditional watch and their size has been cut down considerably. There are a variety of styles, colors, and features available. People no longer have to go without all the features they are use to having in a cell phone when they use a wrist watch cell phone.As there are many merits and downsides to use a cell phone watch, people have to consider whether they really need them. But back to the topic, the cell phone watch is possible to be the next hot as there are so many different styles and features available, it just depends on whether consumers consider cell phone watches are better than traditional cell phones or not.



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