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Get Supplies For Your Gift Shop

  • By Josef Nahum
  • Published 12/25/2012
  • Sample Category

Do you own a gift shop? What do you sell in your gift shop? Is it clothes and shoes, maybe cutlery and crockery? These are the most common things that you will find in gift shops virtually all over the world. But seriously do you think teenagers will be looking for such stuff? They want to get jewelry. Apparently teenagers like things that they can tie to their bodies- bracelets, chains, pendants, cuffs etc. So why not start selling jewelry in your gift shop. Jewelry is always good gift regardless of age, race, nationality and even sex. When you hear of jewelry probably the first thing that comes to your mind is a golden chain or diamond ring. Well, these are kind of overrated and very few people can afford them in the first place. What you need is Bico Australia. They have the finest jewelry for the young and the young at heart.

If you were beginning to wonder where you will get a gift shop supplier who deals with such jewelry then you have found the right one. Bico Australia is one of the

biggest fashion jewelry wholesalers in the whole world. They deal with bracelets, chains, pendants and cuffs. Their most priced products are the pendants. Each pendant you will find at Bico Australia has a meaning.

In fact, what you should do is visit their website and check out the products that they have to offer. Also find out the meaning of each product. At Bico you will be able to purchase wholesale gift shop products at really affordable prices. Their products have been spotted on some of the most popular celebrities all over the world.

They are not only stylish things but also high quality and affordable. Bico Australia offers you the opportunity to start your own business. This is by becoming one of their distributors. There is no franchise fee that you have to pay and the startup capital is quite low. It is low enough to allow you who believe in success, to become that successful person you dream you will be. When you visit www.bicopacific.com you will be able to find out more about the Bico Australia gift shop wholesale and other services they offer.


Josef Nahum is the President of Bico Pacific, the exclusive USA distributor for the highly recognized international brand, BICO AUSTRALIA JEWELRY™. Since 2003 Bico Pacific has been providing unique and exciting business opportunities in mall properties, entertainment centers, theme parks, and airports with Bico Australia™ carts, kiosks and in-line stores. Visit the site http://www.bicopacific.com/

by Josef Nahum



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