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Get Targeted Traffic With Article Writing

  • By Michael Hehn
  • Published 06/11/2008
  • Article Writing

As a promotional tool to drive targeted traffic to your web site, article writing is considered one of the key tools that should be employed. Promoting your site via the use of fresh, new articles or those from article directories has become very popular and convenient. Search engines want fresh article content because the people who use their search engines demand it. Even though most people use the Internet as a giant database, search engines view it like a massive information resource. When you view the internet from the perspective of the search engine and it is wise to do so, then when an article is rewritten it automatically becomes unique.

If you are the sort of person who likes to write ten you may want to compile your own articles and to help you I have listed a few tips which may help. Determine your topic first and then type in some keywords into a search engine, related to the subject and obtain enough information to write an article. Once you have your material, it’s important that you set it out correctly, with an introduction, a middle section, which will probably contain the core of the subject, and a conclusion. The end of an article should be a conclusion giving possible answers or a summary of what has been written and be about four sentences or so long with most are approximately four t

o five hundred words. Try not to write your article with long sections of text as people get bored as it can be quite hard on the eyes so break it up into useful paragraphs and finish with a resource box with your website link so you will get credit for your writing. You can easily write articles for yourself or for others and it can be a very profitable business as well as enjoyable. Would you like to know one of the little known secrets to good article writing? Ideas can easily come from real life, for example, if you have a long and happy marriage, then write articles which help people with their relationships. If you would prefer not to write about your experiences, which would be a real waste, then why not write about smaller niche markets which can open up all manner of possibilities.

Good article writing techniques often win the day because many articles are saved primarily owing to the way they have been written and not because of the subject matter. By writing a piece every day to get the feel of writing and learn to identify the common problems faced by every other writer will improve your style very quickly. Writing this regularly has worked well for most writers as practice makes perfect. These are obviously only my guidelines and have worked for me and may not suit everyone but it’s important to remember that whatever method works for you, stick to them if you intend to write regularly.



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