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Get the best of both with Warburtons

  • By Charlie Browning
  • Published 12/3/2012

Since 1876, bakers Warburtons have been at the forefront of creating fantastic bread products to use everyday. And over the past 130 years their range of products and foothold in the market has continued to grow from strength-to-strength – and with their newest range of innovative offerings it’s easy to see why.

Warburtons has now extended its ever-popular Half & Half range of bread products with the launch of a new medium-sized loaf for people with a smaller appetites, or those looking to watch the calories they are consuming on a daily basis.

The bread manufacturer said the new bread loaf, which contains a blend of white and wholemeal flour, joins the Half & Half Toastie loaf, which launched into UK grocery and wholesale channels last month.

Darren Littler, director of innovation at Warburtons, said: “With consumers increasingly looking for healthy options, our Half & Half range of loaves can help retailers capitalise on this healthy eating trend and drive further growth in this category

“We have taken packaging cues and colours from our much-loved wax packaging for loaves to allow consumers to recognise our presence in this sector, coupled with a clear name describing the product. With all the taste of white bread yet providing additional nutritional benefits of the wholemeal flour included, this range is ideal for catering to those shopping for families with children for breakfast and lunch.”

Warburtons said it was hoping to maximise on the half-and-half sector, which currently accounts for 11.2% of the total wrapped bread market with a value of £197m, according to research from Nielsen (total coverage value and unit sales, 52 w/e 15/09/2012).

The new loaf is sure to have shoppers excited as they hit the supermarkets for their weekly shop, and especially those who are still in limbo in the age of decision of white versus brown bread. Now it doesn’t matter – have both!

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