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Get the Right Watch to Gift Your Friend

  • By Robert Martine
  • Published 11/11/2010

 We don’t usually gift watches, or we can say we often shry away from gifting watches. We have to face it. So many choices are out there. And the problem with the prices makes it even more difficult. You want to give your friend a good one but the luxury watches of the big brands, such as Cartier, Rolex or Breitling, are far not inexpensive. How do we make a wise decision on such an investment, like this? How do we go about choosing the right watch to gift a friend? I myself have some gidelines for you, which, I hope, can do you a favor.                   Make sure you do know your friend well. If you are thinking about giving your friend a watch, you have to make sure that you are intimate enough, since a timepiece is regarded as an intimate gift, which means you should not give it to a casual acquaintance. That will be considered as sort of inappropriate. Then it’s important to study the things you know about their personality, lifestyle and such kide of stuff, which marks the start of the process.                 

Secondly, decide on the budget you have. If you are not rich enough, you have to be clear about that. There are countless choices in watch brands and prices, and your job is to categorize them into two kinds – the

affordable ones and the unaffordable. It would be impetuous to spend all what you’ve got on a timepiece and I think your friend won’t feel good about it. But, still, don’t sacrifice quality for a deal. There are many Swiss watch makers offering reasonably priced collections.                 Then you should be clear on the style and functions of watch you want. If you’ve got a clear idea about the style and functions you are going to take, your search can be greatly narrowed down, which will certainly save you much labor. For example, if you’re looking for a sport watch for your friend, you’d better make sure it comes with all the functions required.                    If you give your friend a watch as present, you are telling him or her that you do care about the friendship. A watch is a very personal item, which they will most hopefully keep for a long long time. So be careful when you are choosing a watch as a gift. If everything goes well, you will see the surprised and grateful smile on the face of you friend after they open the present box.

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