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Get The Skinny On Good Article Writing

  • By Tiva Kelly
  • Published 03/24/2008
  • Article Writing

Writing articles is the easiest way to advertise on the Internet. Frequently posting content articles that directly relate to the nature of your products or website results in increased page visits and, ultimately, increased sales. Why Use Articles for Marking? Content articles are often used to boost sales and promote websites because it works. * Posting many quality articles on the same topic allows you to present yourself as an expert on that topic. The goal is to become the go-to person for advice on a specific subject to secure repeat traffic. * Using articles for marketing is directly related to increased sales. * Writing articles for marketing is an easy way to get back links and create a higher page ranking for your website. * Articles continue to provide a positive and long-term growth effect, long after their initial publishing. Marketing Article Writing Tips Learning how to write a good article for Internet marketing is simple if you keep these points in mind: * Write unique articles with original copy. * Optimize marketing articles for search engines. * Research keywords to find the most popular ones and sprinkle them throughout your articles. * Provide interesting and informative marketing articles for readers. * Entice readers with a catchy title and an interesting summary so they will click on your page link to find out more. * Keep marketing articles between 400 and 700 words. Anything less will look like you don’t have anything to say, and anything more is too much for the average Internet reader to stick with.

* Break information into smaller chunks and give them appropriate subheadings. Online readers prefer to read small snippets of useful in

formation and move on. What to Avoid When Writing Articles for Marketing Not all content is equal. Protect your reputation by avoiding these common article marketing mistakes: * Don’t use direct sales pitches. Using direct sales pitches in marketing articles is a common mistake. The purpose of content articles, however, is to lure people to your site, provide them with useful information on your topic, and present yourself as a knowledgeable source. If you are successful at this, sales will follow. * Don’t write dull articles just to fill a content quota. Writing filler may attract a few visitors to your site, but odds are they won’t return and they won’t buy into your expertise. Do your homework and study your subject to come up with fresh ideas. * Don’t write lengthy marketing articles. Keep articles under 1,000 words, and to the point. * Don’t write one giant paragraph of information. Split up the information into subsections. Use an outline to quickly map out what you want to say. Where to Post Article for Marketing Once you’ve come up with a solid idea and written a good article, it’s time to decide how and where you’ll post the articles for maximum exposure. * The first and most obvious place to post articles is on your own website. * Next, find websites on the same topic with a higher page rank and submit an article to them with a link to your website at the bottom of the article. * You can also post your marketing articles on directories where readers may look to find information on your specific topic. * Maximize your article’s impact by using an automated article submission service. This is the fastest way to get your content out to thousands of publishers looking for precisely that type of content.

A good article, distributed widely, will continue to promote your business for months and years to come.



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